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It’s almost one in the morning, so I decided to post something for a change.

As many of you know, we do have a wiki and an FAQ to handle many of the questions that our users have as well as a forum section to deal with more detailed issues. Many people seem to get along just fine and find answers with very little effort.

But for some, there seems to be a deficiency in two key areas. Reading and Understanding.


As I said before, the wiki is a good resource for finding answers to many common problems. For some strange outlandish reason, certain people find it extremely difficult to read the help sections, or use the search function for that matter. Is it really that difficult to find answers? We get many requests per day to answer questions that are clearly and thoughtfully answered in the FAQ. Handling these requests are fairly annoying, and sometimes I feel the urge to not answer at all just to spite them for not reading the FAQ. But alas, ethics drive me to answer anyway (the tone of my response, however, depends mostly on my status at that moment).


One of the major reasons I don’t handle offers as much as I used to is that it was simply too much trouble to chase after users to have them fix their torrents. When asked if they had read the upload guidelines, nearly everyone replies “Yes, I have!” Most of the time, common sense tells me “No, you haven’t” or “Do you understand it?” Understanding things and using logic is how the world works. Sometimes I wonder how these people get along without screwing up.

I wish I could say more but now it’s time for me to go. Bye~~

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