An Awesome Artist Has Entered The Fray!

Shameless advertising of a friends skill after the jump. (I am not being paid in any form for said advertising….)


Alright, a long, long time ago, I belonged to a small knit community which was filled with Chobits fans. Perfect for me eh? Anyway, the owner of said community e-passed away and the site started to die. I was attached to everyone there so I brought the domain Chibits to keep us ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Anyway, the person who I want to talk about comes from the start of the original site, before our many moves. He’s a foreigner, but his skillz make up for it.

Regardless, let me introduce you to Tobby, my friendly artistic friend from a unknown and foreign country! The reasons why I’ve chosen these two images to show you is because:
1) He did them all by himself.
2) They’re anime related…. (Just about)
3) My name is included in them! =D (Try to find em!)

If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out his gallery. And start watching him cos he’s good. He’s also said that he’d be willing to do requests once his current projects for me are done.
(12 girls based on the seasons, a detailed picture of Chiyachan and some other secret projects in the pipeline.)

Loadsa love to Tobby. <3

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9 Responses to An Awesome Artist Has Entered The Fray!

  1. newy says:

    Is yur name in both? In the first pic your name is above the shop in the red sign 🙂

  2. Southrop says:

    I see the Toradora sign in the first picture!

  3. Klocknov says:

    That is some awesome work. Quick question, are those drawn by hand or does he use a graphics are program? (If by hand what type of art supplies does he use? ex. water, oil, pastels, ect.)

  4. surdumil says:

    Very impressive work!

    Um… the person is a “foreigner”, but foreign to what country? Japan? Sweden? The U.K.?

  5. Chiyachan says:

    Foreign to me, and I’m British.

  6. newy says:

    The 2nd image could almost be an artwork for the coming C&C4 😀

  7. Enzedder says:

    Very nice. His gallery is great too.

    “I see the Toradora sign in the first picture!” – Southrop

    I think Taiga and Ryuuji are in the bottom left.

    P.S. I found ya. ^_^

  8. qmeister says:

    “The 2nd image could almost be an artwork for the coming C&C4 :D” – newy

    Except for Suiseiseiki…

  9. GTD-Carthage says:

    No pills or health packs will save this man now…

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