Sexy Time With Malus

So, after promising many times to actually get around and have interview time with Malus, we finally managed it. Here it is, in its fully edited (by Duki) glory!

Hope you enjoy the read. 🙂

It started off like this:
[22:11] <@Chiyachan> Malus, you busy?
[22:11] <~Malus> ?
[22:11] <@Chiyachan> Not a hard question.
[22:11] <@Chiyachan> Are you busy, or not?
[22:11] <~Malus> Depends
[22:11] <@Chiyachan> Depends on?
[22:12] <~Malus> Free for what 😛
[22:12] <@Chiyachan> Too busy to have an intimate 1 on 1 chat with me?
[22:13] <~Malus> ah
[22:13] <~Malus> sure
[23:14] <~Malus> ._. why you gotta make everything sound dirty
[23:14] <@Chiyachan> Its more interesting?
[23:14] <~Malus> >_> Right, right … I’m totally trying not to feed your perverted fetishes
[22:15] * @Chiyachan grins and starts his cyber session with Malus.

Session Start: Tue Aug 18 22:13:52 2009
Session Ident: Malus

Chiyachan:: Rawr! Let’s get started. Alright. First of all, to confirm you are indeed the amazing and scary boss person we all know… Full name, address, date of birth, passport scan in best definition you can get and your National Insurance number please.
Malus:: >_> are you retarded?
Chiyachan:: Can’t even give me -some- of that information? =_= Think of the readers!
Malus:: Think of me!! I get too many bloody stalkers 🙁
Malus:: But yes I am the boss (along with jaru-jaru) if you want to think of it that way
Chiyachan:: Can I least get first name and country of residence, and if you’re feeling daring, which area/state?
Malus:: USA 🙂
Chiyachan:: Which state? 😀
Malus:: NY
Chiyachan:: Anyway, since you’re American, what got you into animé? What and when? Why even? How? Etc.
Malus:: Like many others … Akira, Ranma 1/2 and DBZ (yes DBZ :p) got me into anime. I saw these on TV. Eventually became more curious and asked my local blockbuster if they had anything similar. I discovered titles like: Vampire hunter D, Berserk, Chrno Crusade, etc.
Malus:: This happened back when I was 14-15
Chiyachan:: Does this make you a dubfag like Josh, Xio and MTR….? =_=
Malus:: CANT YOU ASK THINGS NICELY? D; babydick. To answer your question … I did see those in english. As I started using the internet/PC more and more I learned about subs. I prefer subs over dub.
Chiyachan:: That -was- nicely. You should know considering most complaints about me come to you at some point. (Speaking of which, are there many?) Which is your current most bestest anime?
Malus:: Are there many? … >_> anyways … bestest? That’s not even a word D: … Comedy genre my all time favorite is GTO. It’s hard to pick just one but if I had no choice yeah, GTO ftw.
Chiyachan:: Are you into hentai at all?
Malus:: Nope. I’ve seen a few out of curiosity but it’s not my thing :p.
Chiyachan:: Alright, fair enough, Let’s leave the topic of you alone for a while and probe elsewhere. -wink-
Chiyachan:: Name your top 3 staff members and say why.
Chiyachan:: Then do again with the 3 worst. =D
Chiyachan:: Let’s get a bit of conflict into the staffroom when this gets published! =D
Malus:: I had a feeling you were going to ask me something like this >_>
Chiyachan:: Well, you’re one of the head honchos… It makes things interesting.
Chiyachan:: I’ll give you some slack, you -can- use ex-staff members too.
Chiyachan:: My original question was for you to list all the staff and explain why they were hired, what sort of qualities they need to possess too.
Chiyachan:: Just that one wasn’t as drama making, though. >_>
Malus:: >_> damn you bastard child
Chiyachan:: Well, which would you prefer to do? Or is there a question you wanted asked so you can answer it?
Malus:: Top 3 staff members… Jarudin: without his efforts BxT/BBT wouldn’t be what it is today. Force: His skills with server related things are essential to the team. Nazo: Although many don’t know this he’s what I would call my voice of reasoning. 🙂 … note: All of staff is important to the team. I named these 3 because they’re been through a lot and been by my side for a long time now!
Chiyachan:: What do you mean, “he” when talking about Nazo? She’s a cute asian chick who’s into writing erotic novels?!
Malus:: >_> (you can just edit the he part out Chiya)
Chiyachan:: I knew it!
Chiyachan:: Anyway, bottom 3 staff? =D
Malus:: Bottom 3? lol … They’re all fired.
Chiyachan:: So that’s Xio for being a dubfag, MTR for getting laid all over China and Lan for well, simply being fired – trough the use of that “Auto Fire Lan” button? =D
Malus:: >_> They’re still on the team tard.
Chiyachan:: Where do I line up in your eyes?
Malus:: Positive or bad things, you ask?
Chiyachan:: Yeah. Tell the world. Am I near the tard team, or the win team? 🙁
Malus:: Haha despite what you may think I actually like you. I do however question your methods sometimes :).
Chiyachan:: So have there been complaints about me recently? Am I in line for another huge spanking any time soon? Does any other staff member get complained about as much as me? 😀
Malus:: No complaints, well not enough to fire you yet at least :p
Chiyachan:: Now, regarding BakaBT directly. First of all, can the Japanorama BBC Special offer be reconsidered for granting? Else, what’s your view on having FLAC collections as freeleech since they’re like the 1080P of music…?
Malus:: Japanorama BBC? The Documentary? Possibly but I would like a staff discussion on it first. Well that would be nice I suppose but having too many things freeleech isn’t good. I do however have an idea in mind for future freeleech stuff.
Chiyachan:: I vote on a staff meeting straight away then! So, what’s the idea? The next question was going to be about possible tasters to come… Can we get any tidbits to keep us drooling at the hard work you get Jarudin to do? (We all know you’re only the whipper man.)
Malus:: My idea was to have a weekly contest via forum games. Winner gets to set one torrent to freeleech for one week. Jarudin is the key figure behind the new features and such… He usually brings up his ideas to staff and gets opinions on it. If he deems it worth the trouble coding, he implements it. I give him ideas/suggestions or things I (and staff) may like every once in a while and leave it up to him to decide.
Malus:: After all its his time and effort
Malus:: He should get to decide how its spent.
Chiyachan:: Whatcha think of my latest idea? [Super win idea has been hidden.]
Malus:: What idea? >_> did I miss something? *checks to see if he accidentally set /ignore Chiyachan again*
* Chiyachan points to the idea in the [] just a second ago. >_>
Chiyachan:: Wait, whatcha mean again!?
Malus:: Eh that will just get users all e-pen0r crazy.
Malus:: Again??? >_>;; ermm *runs*
Chiyachan:: It would be interesting and fun though. >_>
Chiyachan:: Anyway, why “BakaBT”? Is that a slur on the members?
Malus:: And more drama to deal with :p
Malus:: BakaBT? Ahhh yes. Back in june… that was the worst evah. So many damn complaints about the new name, haha. Well without getting into too much detail (don’t want to bring up old events up)… Jaru and I spent many days planning things out. We had other names in mind but they were either already registered or taken by fansub groups Eventually we said fuck it. It’s the community that counts not the name. BakaBT came to be because it’s very easy to remember and for its common usage in anime…
Malus:: >_> I fail at multitasking btw
Chiyachan:: Alright, fair enough. =P
Chiyachan:: What else you doing?
Chiyachan:: And how do you feel about MarchHare leaving? T_T
Malus:: What else am I doing? Be moar specific fool!
Chiyachan:: Yeah, you said you’re multitasking. So you’re taking part in this interview, and doing what else?
Malus:: oh >_> watching animu~
Chiyachan:: Ah, so, whatcha think about Marchy leaving?
Malus:: As for Marchie leaving. I miss Marchie but I understand why she had to go. Everybody has priorities in life so it shit happens :/
Chiyachan:: T_T
* Malus pats Chiya
Chiyachan:: Whatcha gonna do about the new staff members not pulling their weight? -points to the amount of offers-
Malus:: They do more than you Chiya :p
Chiyachan:: Super secret link showing how much each staff member has done. < Look at that and say it again. =_=
Malus:: Btw the public can’t see that
Malus:: >_>
Chiyachan:: I realise that, but I’ll get Duki to remove the link regardless. =_=
Malus:: lmfao
Chiyachan:: Can’t link away staff secrets…. Considering I was able to see staff pages when I was in my trial staff period back in the day.
Malus:: Well I don’t bug staff about crap like that… like I said before people have priorities… can’t volunteer all their time to BBT 🙂
Chiyachan:: Well they should. =_= Anyway.
Chiyachan:: Before we finish off. Is there anything you want to say to specific people, or the community as a whole?
Malus:: Sure~ I was reading a thread in forums earlier… About people being ashamed/embarrassed to admit they watch anime lol. I can understand why you guys would feel like that but imo I think it’s silly. Who cares what others think, if that’s what you enjoy doing then do it! Just don’t let it consume your life >_> I still think you guys should all go out and get a gf/bf.
Chiyachan:: Do you have a bf/gf?
Malus:: <_< just saying
Malus:: Chiya
* Malus stares at Chiya
Malus:: >_>
Chiyachan:: Sorry Malus, you’re WAAAAY too old to be my type.
Malus:: Ummm well I am dating 🙂 but it isn’t official
Malus:: >_>
Chiyachan:: Ooh, pix?
Malus:: Nope all mine!
Chiyachan:: Pah. Fine. Well, thankies muchly for your time. Now I’m gonna go hassle Duki. He has some editing to do before this can be made public. $_$
Malus:: lmfao k
Malus:: It’s dinner time for me anyway :~)

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