A Spicy Surprise this season

kureshii has been scarce lately because kureshii is super-busy with a bunch of stuff, but before kureshii leaves, kureshii will leave a blog post,” says kureshii as he tries to be a good host (I know MISAKA is pretty annoying, but that manner of speech is so infectious >_<)

Today’s post is about one of the biggest, if not the biggest surprise this season: Saucy Barmaid-chan!

Saucy Barmaid-chan (henceforth referred to as SB-chan) hails from the last arc of Spice & Wolf Season 2 (an arc I lovingly refer to as the Saucy Barmaid-chan arc). When we first meet her in episode 8 (through the eyes of Lawrence-who-ignores-all-advances), she’s sewing up her apron, and finishes just as Lawrence walks in:

*petpets Barmaid-chan*

*petpets Barmaid-chan*

Right from the onset she proves to be a worthy conversationalist, and starts playing word games with Lawrence:

^^;; *gulp*

^^;; *gulp*

And finally, down to business.

Just you would be fine, thank you.

Just you would be fine, thankyouverymuch 😉

Lawrence orders food, but our clever little SB-chan leaves no opportunity alone:

O.O! (too close!)

O.O! (too close!)

Lawrence, in his eagerness to make yet more acquaintances trades, forgets to touch his drink. Our lovely SB-chan, always on the ball, reminds him.

*stares dreamily*

*stares dreamily*

Clearly, our clever little SB-chan knows she’s more than just a pretty face and an apron:

... but you’re not just any barmaid, right?

... but you're not just any gossipy barmaid, nee?

And she shows it.


Everyone who meets an awesomely awesome barmaid is totally overwhelmed.

:O OMG brainzzz


Too bad for her, Lawrence is immune to even the most charming of barmaids (and he already has the most awesomely awesome wolf-deity in the world to take care of).

I’m nice too! *jumps for attention*

I'm nice too! *jumps for attention*

And that is a quick look at our most delightful SB-chan, from episode 8 of Spice and Wolf Season 2. Spice and Wolf just never fails to provide spicy characters for entertainment, does it? First we had Nora the Spicy Shepherdess, and now SB-chan the Saucy Barmaid. We’re going to need a Juicy [Medieval-Occupation] next season! That’s the charm of older women for you, take that lolis!

Yeah, sadly she has to go by SB-chan for now, because despite 4 episodes of brainy-ness her name has yet to be revealed! :O Isn’t it amazing that such a saucy-yet-unnamed character can steal hearts even faster than countless iterations of Kugimiya Rie? I really wonder who her seiyuu is…

I know I tend to end up being attached to the strangest characters (like Taiga-sensei from FS/N, and Ami-chan from Toradora!), but I’m sure all will agree that this season’s gift of spice must go to Saucy Barmaid-chan. Let the spice flow!

(Do not worry, my faith in Holo-sama never wavers, but one must give accolades where they are due.)

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