Management Issues

As you’ve noticed, there’s been quite a bit of downtime today. We’re truly sorry about this but we’ll have the site back up and running shortly.

The truth of the matter is that the staff (namely myself) have had a falling out with Jarudin.
Over the past few months, I’ve been persuading staff to adopt the ‘chan’ suffix in their IRC usernames. In most, the staff have complied.
Xiochan, Maluchan, Dukichan, etc.
Jarudin however refuses to comply.

What he said:

Chiyachan, I refuse to change my name to Jaruchan. I like it how it is currently. I don’t see any real reason to rename it to please you.


It upsets me greatly, but I think that standardisation of names is important for a community this large, so this change which is taking place will solve many problems.

With the help of Dubkatz and Force, we’ve disabled the entire site while we edit the entire user database to add the word, “chan” to all usernames. Jarudin has also been demoted to mod status for lack of complying.

We are the Chan.
Prepare to be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.

In other words, we hope to be online again soon.

For more information, contact me on IRC.

Update: Server is back up and running

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8 Responses to Management Issues

  1. CrimsonXIII-chan says:

    You have my full support… don’t let Jaruchan be a stick in the mud!

    You will prevail!


  2. enginarc says:

    lol 😀 so that was the reason to the downtime 😛

  3. Klocknov says:

    So what will I be changed too? Klocknov-chan just doesn’t sound right. I guess I should of signed up with Ni-chan back then.

  4. enginarc says:

    rumor has it, there was a secret secret ss circulating the internet, an evidence of what actually happened.

    Unfortunately, it can not be shown here 😛

  5. TorrentWhore says:

    [from wiki] Chan (ちゃん?) is a diminutive suffix; it expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. Thus, using chan with a superior’s name would be condescending and rude. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, and teenage girls. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends or any woman with youthful spirit.

    Though Jarudin could have been a little less blunt in his reply, I personally can’t fault him for objecting to having the ‘chan’ diminutive honorific *forced* upon him. Here in Japan, most adults (myself included) are very particular about who we allow to call us ‘chan’. If all the Admin/mods are intent on going with some kind of uniform naming convention, then might I at least suggest ‘senpai’ for the Admins/mods? If I were Jarudin, I might find that less impolite than forcing me to accept being called ‘chan’

  6. Natheria says:

    We are Chan. We are Legion!

    -Nath-chan- ^_^

  7. phil says:

    Hm… ok so that was that even it was said the server was down, coz the provider unplugged it or did i get that wrong in the forum?
    anyway, why is it down now? cant reach it for 3 hours now (so far the same timeframe as yesterday!)— wonder wonder ^-^

  8. phil says:

    PS: one more:

    Jarudin is quite right not wanting to be called “-chan”, if, as I would believe, is a guy! Then it would be “-kun” please!

    Sorry to say, but everybody “-chan” sounds gay or new halfish…. ask kenji-kun, better know as “Haruna Ai (はるな愛)”!

    greetings from Yokohama 😛

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