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A Spicy Surprise this season

“kureshii has been scarce lately because kureshii is super-busy with a bunch of stuff, but before kureshii leaves, kureshii will leave a blog post,” says kureshii as he tries to be a good host (I know MISAKA is pretty annoying, … Continue reading

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To fansub or not to fansub

For the few of you who know me (or rather, the few of you that actually care), you know that I have gotten into fansubbing lately. It was partly on a whim, and partly to see just what it’s like … Continue reading

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Technotise: Edit & I

Technotise: Edit & I is the first Serbian animated feature film, premiere of which is planned for September, 2009. Written and directed by Aleksa Gajić, it is a sequel to his Technotise graphic novel. In technical terms, the film is … Continue reading

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Dear enginarc

Eat shit and die =D That is all. EDIT: also, write a better anime name guessing game program.

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An Awesome Artist Has Entered The Fray!

Shameless advertising of a friends skill after the jump. (I am not being paid in any form for said advertising….) JUMP!

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