psyren’s compositions (please have tissues and a bucket handy)

This year, I’ve been doing a composition unit as an elective.

These are some of the things I’ve written.

The tissues are to absorb the blood which will undoubtedly spurt from your ears, and the bucket is in case you feel the need to vomit.


In no particular order:

Prelude and Fugue – bitonality. Blegh.

Glass Reich – minimalism.

Ehinu – some of you may recognise the main theme as the violin/viola/whatever solo from ‘Binkan na Fuukei’, the image song from sola.

Tangle – my newest piece. Please note that it doesn’t play the opening cadenza in the 1st violin part correctly, but otherwise, it’s fine.

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11 Responses to psyren’s compositions (please have tissues and a bucket handy)

  1. altlavista says:

    i must say that: disharmony works not for me…

  2. psyren says:

    The prelude and fugue were for an assignment where I had to write 2 pieces with multiple tonal centres/tonalities.
    The prelude had 2 closely related keys, and the fugue had 2 distantly related.

  3. Duki says:

    Fugue is kinda my favorite of the 3

  4. surdumil says:

    Moar pleez!

    I’m a minimalism fan with fondness for Philip Glass, so Glass Reich certainly made my day. Nicely done. Never let it end.

    Fugue was interesting and a little unsettling. Somehow, this piece reminded me of a few very old impressionistic films, like The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. Err, just my own mental warpage, I guess.

    Prelude seemed to me to be a bit sombre and melancholic, a nice moody opening.

  5. Chiyachan says:

    So the tissues ain’t for fapping? T_T

  6. > So the tissues ain’t for fapping? T_T

    You can fap to psy’s music if you want.

  7. enginarc says:

    For those who wonder what “prelude and fugue” means, apparently it is an important part of classical music.

    and want to listen to a J.S. Bach Prelude and Fugue (Firefox can play ogg natively) and assess what we can expect from psyren.

    Tissues aside, would you like to use different instrument for your prelude and fugue, piano may be? Also a little more information would be nice.

    Glass – Reich is really nice imo.


  8. psyren says:

    Will post more shortly.

    I was considering writing for piano, but then I’d either have to play it myself (I haven’t practised in years so it’ll be next to impossible for me), or I’ll have to find someone else to (the other piano players in the class are too busy).

    Also, because the prelude and fugue are in different tonalities, and hence have few notes in common, a feature has to be made of the two different lines playing the same note at any time. This is easier to do on on separate instruments than a piano, where you can only have one voice on one note.

    More to come.

  9. enginarc says:

    Ehinu, oh I am trying to remember where I heard it before, it is from SOLA! I was just recently listening to the Sola OST CD collection, perfect choice, imo.

    (I could have just searched for Binkan na Fuukei, no wonder I have lost a couple of brain cells after reading Kureshii’s article ;P)

    Is it possible to create an environment of multiple pianos with the help of a headphone and a recorder by playing the music multiple times on a single piano and overlap them on a single track?

  10. venuslove says:

    Ehinu sounds so nice ^_^ . It went really well with the rain that’s outside right now XP I liked Glass Reich too, it has some nice moments <3

  11. Slykester says:

    Well done! Looking forward to more =)

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