So while I was browsing the forums, I came across this person:


Nothing spectacular, but I noticed the, “DO NOT STEAL” like sign attached to the sig. Of course, that got me thinking… What would be amusing?

I present to you, a dual attack on the forums, by myself and Duki!

A total of [24+19 Dukis] accounts were changed to reflect the lulz. If you were one of the (un)lucky ones who’s was edited in the campaign to keep your password secret, to keep it safe. Don’t worry, we’ve not simply replaced it. All previous images HAVE been recorded and will be changed back over the next xx days.

[ show / hide proof ]

Hope you enjoyed the learning and the lulz!

<3 Chiya.

BTW Duki’s part off the story goes like this –

So while casually reading forums from some odd reason I noticed a sig appearing a lot lately…

[23:16] <Duki> I just noticed, lol @ Chiya’s new sig
[23:19] <Duki> You got his ava as well… Nice…
[23:20] <xiong_chiamiov> damn, that’s going to confuse me
[23:20] <xiong_chiamiov> since I identify people by their avas, rather than names
[23:21] <Duki> I do that too, took me a while to notice why I’m seeing that sig all over…
[23:24] <Chiyachan> Everyone do it.
[23:25] <Chiyachan> He says not to. 😛
[23:25] <xiong_chiamiov> but I like my foxkehs…

[23:29] <Force> whatsup with that avatar?
[23:29] <Chiyachan> Someone on forum said NOT to use it.
[23:29] <Chiyachan> Therefore…
[23:29] <Duki> Were stealin SomeoneElse’s
[23:29] <Chiyachan> What do you think Chiya thinks when he sees that?

[23:33] <Duki> Chiya should we change everyones? It’s not like we can’t, rather an ethical issue…
[23:33] <Chiyachan> Yes.
[23:33] <Chiyachan> We should.
[23:33] <Chiyachan> Was looking for a batch changer. >_>
[23:33] <xiong_chiamiov> why are you asking chiya about ethical issues?
[23:34] <Duki> well because you’re here as well
[23:34] <Duki> so it’s your fault for not stopping us

[23:36] * xiong_chiamiov turns his eyes away from this conversation
[23:36] <xiong_chiamiov> I wash my hands of this
[23:36] <Duki> Too late you herd us
[23:36] <xiong_chiamiov> no I didn’t
[23:37] <xiong_chiamiov> lalalalalala~
[23:37] <Duki> Yes you did
[23:37] <Duki> No wait, YES YOU DID!!!!!!!!!

<3 Duki.

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