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Your binary shipment of fail has arrived

I hope that by viewing just a fraction of the sheer stupidity/selfishness we have to deal with on a regular (and frequent) basis, users will appreciate/understand why we do what we do just that little bit more. Just a little. … Continue reading

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psyren’s compositions (please have tissues and a bucket handy)

This year, I’ve been doing a composition unit as an elective. These are some of the things I’ve written. The tissues are to absorb the blood which will undoubtedly spurt from your ears, and the bucket is in case you … Continue reading

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Dear enginarc

Eat shit and die =D That is all. EDIT: also, write a better anime name guessing game program.

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… I can haz kitteh porn?

An interesting little news item I came across: Man blames cat for child pornography found on his computer Maybe it’ll become a new excuse: “hai i got wrned n stuff my kat dwnloaded heaps and made mai ratatio low can … Continue reading

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The behaviour of some users

It seems that some users believe that they are more important than others just because they can offer something that Box doesn’t already have, or is not easily acquirable over the great intarwebs. This does not give you license to … Continue reading

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Fail e-mails for the lulz

I just got home and opened up my e-mail to find an anonymously sent message that reads thus: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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Fail of the Week

We all know how irritating it is trying to communicate with people on forums who don’t type in anything recognisable by speakers of the English language. There are people who are pleasant to deal with (or at least it’s pleasant … Continue reading

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How not to PM Staff: Part 2.5

The user in question from the previous blog post (the one who questioned mods’ competence) was given a one week warning (not by me), and is unofficially barred from ever adopting torrents (“Hi there, I’ll adopt this torrent, but I … Continue reading

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We made a news post asking for new staff, and this gem came along: iwant’ but i can’t becuz of two reason, first i finish all of my account once in other forum for activity , i become activest member, … Continue reading

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In other news…

It’s about time for me to have a haircut.

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