Ninjah Attackah!

So since you all decided not to join the Chan Legion, we have decided to yet again assault the main server.
At around 14:00 GMT, one of our upper council managed to infiltrate the data center where the server is held. He managed to bribe the security into believing that he was, in fact Jarudin.

[Real name removed] then walked off to one of our many safe points.

The server WILL remain in our care until either Malus or Jarudin say that they love the Chan Legion and will willingly embrace us. That, or they pay for our dinner.

Well, actually, we’ll settle for more members joining the Legion.


<3 Love from Chiya and the Legion of Chan.

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16 Responses to Ninjah Attackah!

  1. surdumil says:

    Aargh! Curses!

  2. copper says:

    What does joining entitle us to?

  3. Wintereise says:

    The legion shall prevail 😀

  4. MarchHare says:

    chiyachan. seriously?

  5. Chiyachan says:

    Joining the Legion intitles you to being -in- the Legion where we discuss our evil plans and methods. We drink warm milk, eat chocolate cookies and discuss our long, hard days in the comfort of our fortress.

  6. Kemlo-chan says:

    while i strongly believe in the glorious revolution of Chan, may all soon see the light of the glory that is Chan, was such action necessary?

  7. Chiyachan says:

    It -was- discussed at length in the Fortress and we felt so.
    We hope that our council member is able to evade capture from the police, although I don’t think Jarudin would actually go as far as doing that.

  8. This whole Chan thing sounds stupid. Why would I ever join a bunch of retards like you?

  9. Duki says:

    “This whole Chan thing sounds stupid. Why would I ever join a bunch of retards like you?” – says xiong, but

    [19:31:47] * xiong_chiamiov is now known as liam_neeson-chan

  10. surdumil says:

    So, what is it that the Chan Legion’s got that the Borg Collective doesn’t?

  11. Pentool says:

    They’ve got torrents that you, inexplicably, cannot comment on

  12. enginarc says:

    off topic – I think they have disabled the comments in that torrent to prevent the static page from getting refreshed by the site’s content generator engine.

    It’s html was probably modified manually, since the site does not allow full customization of the whole page, just the torrent description part. Re-generating the page would destroy modifications.

    No comment additions, no need to re-generate the page.

    By the way, I adored that torrents design 🙂

  13. Havoc10K says:

    I don’t mind joining your faction, if it’s for Loli’s, then by all means, l’ll join, if it’s for cookies, all the more, you can take the milk, unless you serve cocoa, I preffer cocoa than warm milk, tough l can drink cold milk, but LOLI’S !!! that the magic word !!!
    tell me where to sign up !

    is this included ? :

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