bxt_description_generator 0.3 – now with a graphical interface!

Wooo~  Now all you you don’t revel in the command-line can use the new and improved bxt_description_generator!  Yay!

There are even docs updated since the last announced release.  Any feedback on them is of course appreciated.  One thing to be aware of – due to Vista’s UAC, it seems that the automatic PATH modifying doesn’t work, so you may need to use the manual method.

I’m planning on adding more templates before the next release; if there are any you particularly like (both for large collections, like this, or normal-sized ones), leave a comment with a link.

Get it on GitHub!

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4 Responses to bxt_description_generator 0.3 – now with a graphical interface!

  1. Southrop says:


    As for templates, if possible, add this and this. It would make your app even more awesome than it is now :3

  2. Slykester says:

    Will try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Duki says:

    The Strike Witches description can hardly be called a template…
    It would be next to impossible to add unless simplified.

    BTW xiong I’m too arsed to try, but would simply disabling UAC in Vista/7 help?

  4. I’m not sure; I’ve only done minimal testing on Vista (I wasn’t even aware of this earlier), so I’ll need to do further investigating.

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