A Day In the Life

As any admin/mod knows, you will always be insulted for doing your job, no matter how conscientious, hardworking and good-natured you are (not that we are all of the above three, but I’m sure we fit at least one of them ;x). To the admin/mod-to-bes, here’s what you can expect if you ever take up such a position:

Via PM:

I didn’t think that Anime Discussion was the appropriate board because I was asking information on the torrent, not the anime itself. Also, I figured that “Identification” meant identifying something about the torrent. Take your elitist bullshit somewhere else, actually, whine about it some more. I’m here to leech anyway, I don’t care how asspained you get.

Thanks for the over 1TB of Anime absolutely free. πŸ˜‰

Later faggot.

That’s a pretty self-explanatory one, so I doubt much elaboration is needed. If anyone is curious, the post that drew such a response was “Post in the right section next time. Recommendations forum is for series recommendations, not for clarification on a specific anime series. Reading this [http://aviswebsite.co.uk/forumhelp/] will help.”

Although I would appreciate it if someone could explain what the “thanks for the over 1TB of anime” part is all about… was that an attempt at sarcasm?

Via forums:

OK this just pisses me off! (sorry if this is the wrong section but its not directly about a show and doesn’t really fit in general discussion.)

just last night i posted a comment on the “thora 1080p torrent for 5cm per second ” about how my system wont play the show. now its gone … and so is every other comment like mine!

i don’t know what thora is doing in their format to make their files do this (i can play other 1080p shows) but all there 1080p offerings send my system berserk. the subs lag behind the video while the audio is a sentence ahead and then the video starts stuttering as my player tries to get everything back to where it should be. as i said: this happens to me on ALL the thora shows.

but that is not what this post is about!

it was my own damned fault for DL-ing macross frontier when there was a disclaimer on it that stating that thoras animated karaoke would lag low end systems. there was no disclaimer on 5cm so i figured that as the disclaimer on macross frontier blamed it on the karaoke, and that 5cm didn’t say anything about it, that there was no animated karaoke in 5cm and it would be safe to DL. obviously thats not the case … so i posted a comment warning people away from the torrent if they had a low end system. now i dont really give a shit about my ratio as i dotn have anything to submit, but it still pisses me off to waste my very limited bandwdth on something i cant watch. macross frontier had a disclaimer, why not this? … not that it matters to me any more, i wont be downloading anything from THORA after this.

i even posted my crappy PC specs so that people could compare their system to mine and sugested that if their system was simmalar to mine that they would be better off with a diffrent version.

now my post is gone along with every other post that complained about similar issues and the comments section looks like the torrent is the absolute fucking pinnacle of human entertainment with nothing but beaming reviews! (i can explicitly remember that the post before mine was a complaint about the hard subbed animated karaoke and a request for a clean version of it.)

WTF! when did comment censoring become acceptable?!?!?!? you don’t like what i said, contest it! argue with me, defend the torrent, but to delete negative comments is horse shit!

(*disclaimer* i don’t know who deleted the comments, and in no way should anyone who read this think i am directly talking to them … unless your the shit bag who did. than: FUCK YOU!)

Here, I’m just going to add that comment moderation is a practice that has been going on even before I joined as a moderator, although the policy update of removal of irrelevant comments was only added less than a year ago. As staff members, we don’t care what you think of X Anime or Y Anime (direct this feedback to the producers instead), or what you think of X fansub group or Y ripping group (direct this feedback to the release group instead). We usually leave the “thank you for this release!!!” comments there because we’re suckers for bubbly happy-go-lucky comments, even if they’re not fully relevant to the release.

So, your takeaway from all this as an admin/mod-to-be is,

  1. No matter what you do, there will always be idiots.
  2. No matter how hard you work, you will always be insulted.

If you ever expect otherwise… prepare to be disappointed.

P.S. If you have an issue with staff posting publically accessible forum contents on a publically accessible blog, take it up with the Internet (it’s their fault for being so public anyway). If you have an issue with staff posting contents of supposedly-private PMs on a publically accessible blog, don’t give them reason to do it.

P.P.S. This is not a sympathy post to elicit sympathy and pity for the terribad working conditions and abysmal pay of volunteer admins/mods (we are perfectly capable of quitting if deemed necessary); it is a note of caution to all those who intend to take up said positions in the near future.

P.P.P.S. This post may or may not have been written in a serious tone. You may or may not choose to reply in a serious manner. Your choice regardless, please note that your replies to this post may or may not be quoted elsewhere.

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11 Responses to A Day In the Life

  1. altlavista says:

    this may or may not entertaint me

    if you want to be a mod, you better have strong stomach…

  2. enginarc says:

    having responsibility in any organization requires some degree of self-control but it does not mean you have to digest this kind of crap

    I had forgotten about that 5cm non-sense, it was yet another proof that stupidity has no limits πŸ™‚

    that idiot guy was probably blown to kingdom come that day anyway πŸ˜›

  3. I’m actually rather proud of how we responded to the 5cm guy, especially since he ended with a big “FUCK YOU”. Sure, he got temp-banned once Psy came around, but what do you expect?

  4. SomeoneElse says:

    you could threaten to -10 gig his account or de-bonus him if he doesn’t upload a video of himself face-planting into fresh dung of some sort.

    seriously though… there should be a physical penalty for stupidity…
    especially belligerent stupidity…

  5. Enzedder says:

    Hmmm… even with all the insulting etc. I still think it want to be a mod. Still have a long way to go but these really just make me laugh.

    I love listening to how your own actions are apparently incorrect on a site that has already accepted you as an elite member of their society for being heavily involved with multiple areas of its daily life and understanding its basic inner workings.

    I agree with SomeoneElse though. ^_^

  6. Kuroshima says:

    Those posts are quite hilarious…
    I wonder what (if anything) goes through their mind as they type…

    I love the one complaining about releases from thora and how he/she is unable to play it on the computer… I kinda actually feel sorry for him/her… Makes me want to show them their incompetence…
    I guess I shouldn’t be talking. Everyone starts somewhere.

  7. Arveene says:

    We’ve been discussing starting a donation drive to irl falcon punch idiots.

    P.S. This comment may or may be totally srs bzns.

  8. TheProfileth says:

    I think it probably best to be harsh on those guys, you do not want more idiots popping up that are even dumber than them do we? Also I know I would never want to be an admin/moderator for such a big site, and we would be nothing without you admins and mods nothing you here me!

  9. AnGer says:

    Mate, I know what you live through. I was doing the same job once. No pay, annoying users and in my case I was even damned to do nothing. I quit. Can sleep better now.

  10. Xtras says:

    Heck I get this stuff all the time too, and no matter how much I know more is on the way it still annoys me when the stupidity arrives, whether by AIM, PM, or Email.

    When it isn’t something stupid, it is just downright insulting. Sometimes people tell me I have no life, other times they tell me that OZC Anime is a crappy upscaling fansub group (how could we fansub none of us know japanese), and still others tell me how I am a fag who picks “idiotic adolescent faggots who have stupid conflicting emotions” for my avatar pic. That particular user had a very poor opinion of Heero Yuy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Lelouch V Britannia and Sosuke Sagara. Rather tough to please.

    I suppose it is just an unfortunate characteristic of our world. And that concludes my rant.

  11. kamizushi says:

    well at least they didn’t DDos attack the site

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