I just completed a long overdue swap on the Hayate no Gotoku MP3 torrent (Lossless is still being worked on!), and I have made separate change:

It is now Freeleech! The reason behind this is simply because my Birthday is coming up. This is currently my only Freeleech torrent (apart from the ones that are System Freeleech) so get leeching!

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6 Responses to Freeleech

  1. Egotist. Why should any of us care about your birthday?

  2. Nightroan says:

    Hm… do you need any help with the lossless version? I wasn’t able to fully complete it myself, so I decided not to update the collection =[

  3. Southrop says:

    I’ve got all (or most) of the albums in lossless format already, but it’s a matter of encoding and tagging them all. I don’t get enough free time these days <_<

  4. Nightroan says:

    Sounds like fun… maybe. Good luck with that and enjoy your birthday.

  5. AnimeReference says:

    combat butler sux

    ahem, free leach something i want

    oh and happy b’day

  6. anubarack says:

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