Closed for the week

[20:24] <Nazo|Dead> I should go into hiding for a while
[20:24] <Duki> wai?
[20:25] <Nazo|Dead> just too busy with stuff
[20:25] <Nazo|Dead> and too much distractions from people at work
[20:26] <Duki> rl troubles?
[20:26] <Nazo|Dead> indeed
[20:26] <Duki> been noticing you’re either dead or work lately
[20:26] <Nazo|Dead> haha
[20:27] <blubart> I’ll go into hiding for real … a week without net starting tomorrow
[20:27] <Nazo|Dead> I should
[20:27] <Nazo|Dead> just to see if kristen tries to hunt me down or something
[20:27] <Duki> oh shit the offers truly r gonna pile up now…
[20:28] <Nazo|Dead> why?
[20:28] <Nazo|Dead> other than it being the end of the season >_>
[20:28] <Duki> blubart is gone for a week…
[20:28] <Nazo|Dead> oh, so we’ll be back at like 30 offers? XD
[20:28] <Duki> have you noticed the big brother lately? [ TL notes ]

[20:29] <Nazo|Dead> no. because I know my slice is like non-existent
[20:29] <kureshii> heh, I’ll be gone until 19 April too
[20:29] <Duki> and I too will have to cut down a bit next week, but I’ll be around thoe…
[20:29] <Duki> Exams next Saturday šŸ˜„
[20:30] <kureshii> which is project submission + presentation + exam day >_>
[20:30] <Duki> lol we should put up a sign “CLOSED FOR THE WEEK”
[20:30] <Nazo|Dead> we should just do that now, as a late april fools >_>
[20:30] <blubart> that would have been a nice april fools joke
[20:30] <blubart> one that turns out true šŸ˜›
[20:31] <Nazo|Dead> haha

Considering that Jarudin and Malus too have been very busy lately, expect very diminished capacity in the following week.


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