The Legion Marches Again!

A long time ago I created the Chan Legion to provide lulz and a warm troll-like feeling to BakaBT. Mainly focusing on annoying IRC users, we had lots of fun.
Our last main event was the October Rickroll. (Yes, I’m still giggling at all the people who cried about wasted bandwidth.)
Anyway, after this event, I closed the doors to the fortress and considered us done. A job completed and a mission achieved.

I was wrong.

Waking up on April 1st I was expecting to see tomfoolery and japers abound. Imagine my disappointment when nothing was different. It was exactly like a normal day.

I cannot allow BakaBT to stagnant without any attempt of poor taste of humour! This is why the Chan Legion is being reborn!

Our base of operations is on and to find us you’ll need to contact either myself or Dokuro-chan in the #bakabt channel.

We don’t have many requirements… Simply:

  • Must have a positive ratio.
  • Be willing to do stuff that -might- really annoy Jarudin and other staff members.
  • 300$ for personal burial money.

tl;dr: Chan Legion back and recruiting for lulz near you!

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