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* Kamizushi ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support [Kamizushi] you all rule * Kamizushi ([email protected]) Quit I thought I’d pass it on.

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BakaBT is back on Facebook

I’m sure everyone knows that we had a Facebook page a while ago. And those of you who have thought to check will have noticed that the page went down and the URL no longer links to the page. … Continue reading

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I just completed a long overdue swap on the Hayate no Gotoku MP3 torrent (Lossless is still being worked on!), and I have made separate change: It is now Freeleech! The reason behind this is simply because my Birthday is … Continue reading

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Why are offers always ‘pending’?

So just why are so many offers left in the ‘pending’ stage for ages? I’m sure this is a question that you guys have all thought about before. Well, the answer lies in IRC, and I will share it with … Continue reading

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I herd u liek Uno?

Well, I was talking with some guys in another channel a couple of weeks ago, and one of them brought their own bot in (Rikku, her name was). Another member asked him if she had any games, like Uno. And … Continue reading

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Fail of the Week II

Woo. First post. So Chiya came and pestered me about posting, and just when I was thinking of what to put, this guy joins #box-support. My blog post came right to me. You’ll see our log of it in a … Continue reading

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