Little fun from #support

[18:33] <newy> !fix
[18:33] <newy> !fixing
[18:33] <Duki> Fixing your ratio:
[18:46] <newy> I’m being discriminated against by za mods!

[18:46] * kureshii suppresses newy
[18:47] * ChalamiuS puts a pillow on newy and sits on him :3
[18:47] <Southrop> Wait. Duki does the help commands now?
[18:47] <Southrop> !help
[18:47] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[18:47] <Southrop> !help command
[18:47] <BBT> Error: Usage ‘!help command’ – Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
[18:47] <Southrop> Hm
[18:47] <Southrop> !fixing
[18:47] <Duki> Fixing your ratio:
[18:47] <Southrop> …
[18:47] <Southrop> !help fixing
[18:47] <BBT> Fixing your ratio:
[18:47] <Southrop> I see
[18:47] <Duki> just for those who fail
[18:48] <Southrop> mm
[18:50] * newy jumps from the next roof. He can’t stand the psychological pressure any more
[18:50] <Duki> [18:33] <newy> !fixing <– see like newy
[18:50] <Southrop> xD
[18:51] <newy> I don’t care. I’m dead
[18:51] * dubkatz throws a phoenix down at newy
[18:51] <Duki> Why aren’t you newy|dead then?
[18:52] <newy> I’m still falling
[18:52] <kureshii> /nick deady
[18:52] <newy> A long way down
[18:53] * Duki increases the earths gravity so newy dies quicker 😀
[18:53] <Duki> See I can be kind =D
[18:53] <newy> >_>
[18:53] * newy dies
[18:53] * newy is now known as deady
[18:54] <kureshii> 😀
[18:54] * dubkatz is now known as dub[nemu]
[18:54] * deady is now known as ghosti
[18:54] * ghosti has come back to haunt the #bakabt-support channel
[18:54] <Southrop> xD
[18:55] <Duki> Oh noes /o\
[18:55] * Southrop is now known as Sleeprop
[18:55] * ghosti possesses Duki
[18:55] * ghosti is now known as Duki|possessed
[18:55] * Duki|possessed buttrapes Sleeprop
[18:56] <Sleeprop> ;_;
[18:56] <dub[nemu]> it’s not rape if your yelled surprise!
[18:56] <Duki|possessed> Surprise! Buttsecks!
[18:58] * Duki|possessed is now known as newy|revived
[18:58] <Duki> Was it THAT good? O.O
[18:59] <Duki> I need to rape Sleeprop more often….
[18:59] <kureshii> raeprop?

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8 Responses to Little fun from #support

  1. Macros74 says:

    This of course explains why #support is off-limits for regular users (ChalamiuS is special 😉 ). It’s a place for nefarious staff exploits and as such serves as a nice method to scare away fluke visitors. If you’re still around after experiencing an exchange such as the above one you must really need support…

  2. If you think this is scary, you should see what we do in the secret place.

  3. Macros74 says:

    If you think this is scary, you should see what we do in the secret place.

    Oh no, I find it refreshingly normal.
    I was putting myself in the position of an innocent noob “Yikes! Perhaps I should read the Wiki first, wall of text it might be. This Newy guy is scary…”

  4. newy says:

    /me dies
    /me returns from the dead
    /me possesses Macros74

  5. Macros74 says:

    /me laughs at Newy possessing his clone
    /me made a deal with the Devil
    /me gained an exact copy of Psyren’s impregnable shield and unbeatable hammer
    /me is now invincible!
    /me smites Newy

  6. ChalamiuS says:

    Duki! How could you leave out my fix for kureshii’s message 🙁

    Anyways… this totally wasn’t the reason I asked for allowance to hang around in #support

    * ChalamiuS sneaks off to submit this to the QDB since he forgot to.

  7. Wintereise says:

    Moments like these are what makes idling in #support worth it >:]

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