Thank you for your support so far

It seems the site came back up again while I was asleep; Leaseweb found we were no longer being spammed with heavy traffic, and reconnected us.

Not forgetting that we are being threatened with another DDoS in a week’s time (by the same guy), I will say it is probably too early to be thanking people and bringing things to a close, but I don’t want the rest of this week to go by without any appreciation from us either.

On the list of people to thank:
houkouonchi, our top seeder, for his usual generosity.
Torrentfreak et al., for their well-written coverage of the incident.
and many others, for your touching offers of assistance. Fortunately, they are not needed just yet.
(If you’d prefer not to be mentioned here, just drop me a PM on Rizon.)

This list is not exhaustive; I’ll update it as soon as I get more names from the other staff members.

Leech/seed what you can for now, and keep your fingers crossed!

P. S. I’ve managed to get a lot of anime-watching done during this downtime. I hope you have been spending your time productively too đŸ™‚

By the way, the sharper users might have noticed that a certain name has been removed from this blog (, which is different from even though they look identical). This is something I did on my own after consultation with some people; personally I feel that as far as privacy goes I’m fine with giving out details of his online presence (email address(es), nicknames, skype/MSN/other online details), but when it comes to real names and addresses—that’s where I start feeling iffy.

While we were under duress, I had no issue with us putting up this info in order to save the site. Now that things are back to normal, I felt it is more prudent to remove it. It is not my place to ask other sites to remove information that had been made public (via us), but I hope they will do the same.

His details will be left up on If nothing happens after a week I will remove them from posts and comments there as well.

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