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ANN: Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is probably one of the better shōjo animes that both gals and guys can enjoy with multiple character stories weaved in. The main character that the anime follows is Sawako, probably the sweetest girl alive, who sadly resembles the girl from the Hollywood movie “The Ring.” The majority of her classmates even think her name is “Sadako,” which is the same name as the girl from that movie. Because of this misunderstanding and her shy and timid nature, she is often taken as a ghost seer which scares her classmates off. Sawako has no friends, but remains her sweet self even though no one is looking.

Now to have a romance anime, you need a romance, right? This is where Shota Kazehaya comes in. He is an outgoing guy from Sawako’s class who has a personality trait to make sure everyone is socially included. He never wants to see anyone be left alone and not have any fun. The first time that Shota and Sawako met, it was on their way to the first day of school. Sawako offered him directions, which Shota thanked her for with a smile. She realized that he was the only person to not run away at the sight of her because of her obvious resemblances. From this time, they both had a spark of interest in each other, always watching each other from afar until the day they had to change seats in the classroom.

Up until the seating change, Sawako had no friends, but she had asked two of her fellow classmates a couple of days before if she could borrow some sweats because her closes got all wet. Their names were Chizuru Yoshida and Ayane Yano, both of which weren’t your average 15 year old teenagers. Chizuru is the tom boy girl who likes to rough people up, has too much fun in PE class, and sobs up every time she thinks something is sad (when really, she’s putting it out of proportions). Ayane on the other hand is the complete opposite, with her posh look and style, and calm and collective attitude. She has that preppy girl mentality, but is still best friends with Chizuru.

Once the class had started to pick numbers for where they will be seated for the rest of the year, no one wanted to seat next to Sawako (except for a lazy baseball player named Ryu Sanada, who often slept in class). Shota on the other hand, hated leaving people out or letting people feel bad because of what other people say or think. He took his desk and sat it right next to Sawako’s, basically saying you should never do that to someone and proceeded to talk with her happily. Seeing this, both Chizuru and Ayane moved their desks in front of Sawako and Ayane, thinking the same way about Sawako and not leaving her out. From there, the anime starts the story of how they all become friends and how interests of love conflict with their everyday lives.

Most of the episodes of this series are pretty light hearted, with some heavy scenes to prove points or progress a character’s development. You got a big mixture of “silly” scenes (animation turns comical to show slapstick or to add in humor) and serious scenes. All of Sawako’s -isms are done in the most hilarious way to maximize the comedic value of her Sadako-ness. Chizuru is basically a cry baby a lot of the time, with her childish passion for PE class and any other physical sports. The combination of all the characters really work well in telling the main story between Sawako and Shota along with weaving in story elements of all the other characters and their importance to everyone. It is a little slower paced of an anime (with 25 episodes), but is surely recommended. Remember, it is a shojo anime at heart, and has very many “girl” issues and plot elements. Nonetheless, I think it gave me a lot of insight about how to handle problems in a girl versus girl argument. Not only that, I did really enjoy the whole romance aspect between our protagonists.

Rating: 9.0/10

Animation: Top notch with great lighting/shading effects on characters and the background. This being a school anime there are not that many fancy visual effects. Presentation of everything was a little slow though. 8.3/10

Story: It was a slow throughout the entire anime, but it was not bogged down by empty fillers so it had a nice consistent pacing throughout the 25 episodes. As for the story itself, each story arc had introduced either a new character or something new about a character that everyone can relate to. Character design is also perfectly done. 9.5/10

Sound: The voice actors earned their money on this one, with each character’s voice fitting their personality and look perfectly. Music was good in parts, but not too noticeable in heavy drama points. 8.5/10

Kimi ni Todoke Tracker Page

Kimi ni Todoke OST

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10 Responses to Kimi ni Todoke Review

  1. Duki says:

    Another thing that would make the article more appealing would be adding some images (characters/sceenshots or anything that would make KnT more appealing).

    Although I’d have to check whether or not contributors can use media upload, or it would have to be hosted on ImageShack and the like…

  2. TMRNetShark says:

    I’ll do that on the next review… see if I can add pictures and the like. I can host them off of my own photobucket account.

  3. desti says:

    This is quite a decent review, but a little too much “summary” in the beginning for my tastes. I think the first 4 paragraphs line up too much content of the anime somehow. Keeping it shorter and less detailed with focusing just on the keypoints of the story would be much better if you ask me.

    Keep it on. I’ll look forward to your next review. =)

  4. TMRNetShark says:

    Well, you need summary for people who have never seen the show. A review gives them the back story (if they are interested) and the analysis tells them what to expect. I have already written the next review, but it’s a little less summary and more analysis. 🙂

  5. agbaba says:

    I enjoyed reading that 🙂
    Though, I have to agree on that the summary is too long. Also, I think your opening paragraph should probably sum up why you think Kimi ni Todoke is such a good show to watch. (So lazy people like me can skim through the rest of the review).

  6. raylu says:

    I second desti. Synopsis is important, but that was too much.

  7. Islidox says:

    I have to agree with the others in that the synopsis was longer than necessary. I think how the protagonists meet up can be written in one paragraph and perhaps another paragraph summarizing the progress of their relationship. I definitely liked your intro paragraph and your last paragraph analyzing Kimi ni Todoke.

    On a personal note, I never watched Kimi ni Todoke because I never like the animation style… maybe I oughta start reconsidering.

  8. agbaba says:

    The animation style is not orthodox. The show uses a mixture of chibi, filter effects, and its default animation. Its not stunning but it works well for the series.

  9. surdumil says:

    Very nice review, TMRNetShark. You’ve definitely put a great deal of thought and effort into it.

    Mmm… images would be real nice, as Duki suggested.

  10. Obakasama says:

    This review is restricted to the anime correct? Then I would like to add that Kimi ni Todoke did come from a manga, a manga which is equally enthralling. Furthermore, this adaptation had its own value in the voices, which are indeed excellent, and the beautiful animation. This is impressive because compared to some other manga-originated anime, *cough*Bakuman*cough*, the transition was smooth and fitting but at the same time significantly unique and different from the manga to generate its own entertainment value.

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