Toonami nostalgia anyone?

As any fan of anime will tell you, it isn’t always about what’s new and shiny. Anyone anguished by Gunslinger Girl’s bastard child second season will understand, as will those flabbergasted by mind-boggling anime adaptations (e.g. GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita).

With that being said, I intend to bring back the shows many of us grew up on, at least in spirit. Those who watched Cartoon Network back in its golden days know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Toonami, 1998-2002, before all those shows that (mostly) sucked started airing. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is a great opportunity to catch up on some of the first Japanese animations that graced the CRT televisions of the 90’s. Why does this matter? Because this is what started it all. Toonami was the phenomenon that picked up mainstream cartoons by its collar and slapped it with Sailor Moon until it realized what it had been missing.

I’ll throw in a few non-Toonami shows (or manga) but ones I feel would fit in well with the spirit of it. Up next time: Sailor Moon, the show that started it all, in more ways than one.

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  1. Xtras says:

    Lol, I’ve drowned in Toonami nostalgia more than once. It was the thing that made me get into Youtube. It was the thing the thing that made me into a pirate. It introduced me to Megaupload. It made me an uploader on BBT. And finally, it is the reason why I’m staff on a release group.

    Nostalgia is quite powerful.

  2. TMRNetShark says:

    I watched Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, and Ronan Warriors on Toonami as a kid. I liked all of those shows.

    I even watched Card Captor​ Sakura in Turkish! Actually, that’s a lie… I listened to English dub with Turkish subtitles. Still didn’t stop me from enjoying the show! I later learned the error of my ways and started to like subs over dubs.

  3. Shaggy410 says:

    Damn, I remember watching Toonami every day, I enjoyed it a lot!!! It was really the golden age of Cartoon Network.

  4. cloudenvy says:

    Toonami mmmmmmmmmmm. I loved watching the “inflight movie” for any one that doesn’t remember it was on friday or somthing and they would play a move wile the host tom’s ship was in hyper space.

  5. froody1911 says:

    Toonami pretty much introduced me to anime. That was something new when it started here in India. It used to have some of my favorite TV shows back in the early 2000s.
    Later though, Animax replaced Toonami in Southeastern Asia.

  6. froody1911 says:

    1st review here, yaay!
    I’d say add some pictures and focus more on critique than on describing the story itself.

  7. gunslingerg says:

    Glad to see lots of people on the same page, I’ll try to make my posts as true to the spirit of Toonami as possible. And don’t tell me you didn’t almost cry when Tom 1.0 died.

  8. Islidox says:

    I thought the entry was a little short, but I like the analysis.

    For me, Adult Swim was the eye-opener, but Toonami was pretty good. I loved the week when they showcased completely mecha shows and I remember watching the first two episodes of NGE on Toonami and Blue Submarine No.6 episode 1. Good stuff.

  9. Eso_Teric says:

    *sigh* Reading this brought me back to those days. Ronin Warriors was one of my favorite shows, and also Dragonball Z. I never missed a session of Toonami. Because of Toonami, I was introduced to greater titles such as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Outlaw Star. Those were the days. When it stopped, I was crushed! But, when Adult Swim aired I was happy again because I found out about other great anime. Long live nostalgia! RIP Tom 1.0 .

  10. pops says:

    Toonami was amazing.. Dragonball Z and Cardcaptor Sakura. 😀 Good stuff. 🙂 Kinda hated it though.. DBZ would go on till Goku arrives on Namek and faces those 5 and that re start.. 4 times!!! And on the 4th run it showed what’s about to happen on the next episode and then stopped airing the show! Gah! T.T Downloaded the entire series! Ha! Eat that CN!

  11. AceD says:

    Tenchi, Gundam Wing and Dragonball Z….used to come home from school to get my daily Toonami =p.

  12. Byokugen says:

    Ah I remember when we got Toonami in Serbia, I was 2nd grade elementary school and I ran from school to catch the Dragonball Z
    Childhood ^^

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