Some people looooove drama

C/P from IRC

[20:34] <Person> Hello, since you’re a legit owner of BBT, I would aks you to do something, I already asked for my group to be added to the do not upload list, which I think is my right? But Duki refuses it. I don’t want to have to go further and do like dattebayo and tag my releases with a hardcoded text saying “not to be uploaded on BBT”. So I would ask you to grant my wish to be in the DNU list, thanks a lot
[20:35] <Jarudin> we normally don’t do this
[20:35] <Jarudin> Dattebayo was ‘very convincing’
[20:36] <Person> I know, but I wouldn’t have to go as far as them to be on that list
[20:37] <Jarudin> Sorry, we cater to popular demand. If that means stepping on a few toes, so be it
[20:38] <Person> Bad then, I didn’t want to have to copyright owner even if I’ll also suffer from that
[20:38] <Person> writte*

Oh dear me .. here comes the drama.
Can we avoid it?

[20:42] <Jarudin> why do you fansub?
[20:42] <Jarudin> .. or whatever it is you do
[20:44] <Person> for my own pleasure and if I share them, then it is on public multi-trackers without any interrest of ratio


[20:44] <Jarudin> you’re worried about the ratio?
[20:44] <Jarudin> the ratio is just a mechanic that trick people into seeding
[20:44] <Person> but anyway none of my future release will go public anymore, they’ll be kept private

Nope, guess not. Just coming up with fake fancy reasons isn’t going to fly.

[20:44] <Jarudin> in anything, BBT is one of the few truly transparent sites, when it comes to money etc.
[20:45] <Jarudin> if*
[20:45] <Jarudin> Just keep in mind that 167551 people will be very sad πŸ™
[20:46] <Person> and I also added a note on anidb against my will to be hosted on BBT
[20:46] <Jarudin> yes, I saw that
[20:46] <Jarudin> you should add a link to our site too πŸ˜€

Advertisement YES!

[20:47] <Person> I keep that in mind, but now I won’t anymore
[20:48] <Jarudin> Don’t you think your position is a little hypocrite?
[20:48] <Jarudin> you ‘steal’ a thousand dollar project, tinker with it for a few hours and then all of a sudden you can claim distro rights?
[20:51] <Person> It is, but since no one asked me if they could re-use my work (I wouldn’t have said no), also you must know that some lines had to be re-translated because they weren’t subbed

Does this person just not understand what I just said?

[20:56] <Jarudin> ah, it seems this story has a bit of a tale
[20:56] <Jarudin> we’re done here πŸ™‚
[20:57] <Person> ok ^^
[21:00] <Person> You don’t mind if I make a announcemnent on my other site? I already told various group leaders about that case, since I TLC for some of them.
[21:01] <Jarudin> cool, I’ll post this on the blog

And here we are

[21:02] <Person> good
[21:02] <Person> i’ll make sure also to have all my releases deleted from public trackers

Umm yea .. good luck with that.

I can’t help but wonder. Why do some people love drama so much?
So, if we get sued and are forced to quit, you all know who to thank πŸ˜€ (I’ve obscured the name for now, because unlike some people, I don’t like drama)

It’s not all bad though, some people do understand how it works.

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11 Responses to Some people looooove drama

  1. Xtras says:

    Just looking at that chat log, I feel that user doesn’t know his place.

    If the ideal of sharing enjoyment were true, then the point would be to have distribution as quiet as possible. To my knowledge, craving recognition is where this kind of stuff starts right?

    The thing I find funny is that you are mocking him while also denying him the recognition he seems to crave.

  2. Jarudin says:

    I take pride in the way I deal with stuff like this.
    I don’t enjoy it though.

    I have to defend my turf.

  3. natures says:

    I’m not certain of what Dattebayo has done to convince BBT, but I quite agree with the idea of satisfying popular demand. Like Xtras mentioned, this is where recognition starts. In addition, I’m not quite sure of what is the point of releasing fansubs as private files. Isn’t sharing amongst us anime fans the whole point of them in the first place? Unless this fansub group follows a whole different ideal.

  4. Macros74 says:

    Well, this shows what happens when you start a discussion when you’re mad about something. I’d hoped it wouldn’t really come to this…

    Hardcoding, private releases, really? Taking things this far due to a disagreement with a member of staff?

    Like many others I fail to see the point of it all, oh well…

  5. midhras says:

    If I scan or translate a manga and offer it to the public and someone decides to add something to it, or change something, afterwards claiming sole ‘authorship’ of the release, thats just fine.

    Of course, if anyone finds out and points this out, thats just fine as well.

    Point is, if you’re stealing to begin with, any of your work or creative input is up for grabs, really – and there’s no real sense in being sensitive about it. The point shouldn’t be to show off that you (or better yet: you’re anonymous online alter ego) did all the work, but that the work is out there.

    From my perspective, catering to popular demand is justly claiming higher moral ground if your aim is making sure that more people will be able to get their respective fixes. Mass satisfaction > personal ego. (Of course claiming higher moral ground in itself is somewhat of a non sequitur when dealing with multiple ethical perspectives.)

    All that aside, I find great pleasure in reading how this is dealt with. If I had the time, I would be lurking in BBT IRC channels more. So keep these posts coming. Comic relief.

  6. midhras says:

    Also, Jarudin, that beard is getting old.
    //end double post

  7. Lenmaer says:

    Oh you could have left my nick, I don’t care.
    But just so you know, I sent those emails I told you before, what’ll happen next isn’t my problem anymore.

  8. Jarudin says:

    How’s this for an analogy:
    You take a loaded gun.
    Point it at someone.
    Pull the trigger.
    Then say, “oh, what’ll happen next isn’t my problem anymore”.

    I’ve had the Code Geass quote in my signature for quite some time:
    “Ute ii no wa utareru kakugo ga aru yatsu dake da”.

  9. enginarc says:

    Mind the gap! One should have dropped the argument at 20:42 . It is not a question and would normally have triggered a moment of peaceful silence… imo …

  10. Soryon says:

    “[20:44] <Jarudin> the ratio is just a mechanic that trick people into seeding”

    Dammit, I knew something fishy was going on here.

  11. Of course, when you go searching for slightly-older anime torrents on, say, isoHunt, the ones that are actually seeded are from BakaBT; as I’ve said previously, we are encouraging the continued access of anime for fans. If you’re releasing it in the first place, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want that.

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