Some people looooove drama

C/P from IRC

[20:34] <Person> Hello, since you’re a legit owner of BBT, I would aks you to do something, I already asked for my group to be added to the do not upload list, which I think is my right? But Duki refuses it. I don’t want to have to go further and do like dattebayo and tag my releases with a hardcoded text saying “not to be uploaded on BBT”. So I would ask you to grant my wish to be in the DNU list, thanks a lot
[20:35] <Jarudin> we normally don’t do this
[20:35] <Jarudin> Dattebayo was ‘very convincing’
[20:36] <Person> I know, but I wouldn’t have to go as far as them to be on that list
[20:37] <Jarudin> Sorry, we cater to popular demand. If that means stepping on a few toes, so be it
[20:38] <Person> Bad then, I didn’t want to have to copyright owner even if I’ll also suffer from that
[20:38] <Person> writte*

Oh dear me .. here comes the drama.
Can we avoid it?

[20:42] <Jarudin> why do you fansub?
[20:42] <Jarudin> .. or whatever it is you do
[20:44] <Person> for my own pleasure and if I share them, then it is on public multi-trackers without any interrest of ratio


[20:44] <Jarudin> you’re worried about the ratio?
[20:44] <Jarudin> the ratio is just a mechanic that trick people into seeding
[20:44] <Person> but anyway none of my future release will go public anymore, they’ll be kept private

Nope, guess not. Just coming up with fake fancy reasons isn’t going to fly.

[20:44] <Jarudin> in anything, BBT is one of the few truly transparent sites, when it comes to money etc.
[20:45] <Jarudin> if*
[20:45] <Jarudin> Just keep in mind that 167551 people will be very sad πŸ™
[20:46] <Person> and I also added a note on anidb against my will to be hosted on BBT
[20:46] <Jarudin> yes, I saw that
[20:46] <Jarudin> you should add a link to our site too πŸ˜€

Advertisement YES!

[20:47] <Person> I keep that in mind, but now I won’t anymore
[20:48] <Jarudin> Don’t you think your position is a little hypocrite?
[20:48] <Jarudin> you ‘steal’ a thousand dollar project, tinker with it for a few hours and then all of a sudden you can claim distro rights?
[20:51] <Person> It is, but since no one asked me if they could re-use my work (I wouldn’t have said no), also you must know that some lines had to be re-translated because they weren’t subbed

Does this person just not understand what I just said?

[20:56] <Jarudin> ah, it seems this story has a bit of a tale
[20:56] <Jarudin> we’re done here πŸ™‚
[20:57] <Person> ok ^^
[21:00] <Person> You don’t mind if I make a announcemnent on my other site? I already told various group leaders about that case, since I TLC for some of them.
[21:01] <Jarudin> cool, I’ll post this on the blog

And here we are

[21:02] <Person> good
[21:02] <Person> i’ll make sure also to have all my releases deleted from public trackers

Umm yea .. good luck with that.

I can’t help but wonder. Why do some people love drama so much?
So, if we get sued and are forced to quit, you all know who to thank πŸ˜€ (I’ve obscured the name for now, because unlike some people, I don’t like drama)

It’s not all bad though, some people do understand how it works.

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