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Some people looooove drama

C/P from IRC [20:34] <Person> Hello, since you’re a legit owner of BBT, I would aks you to do something, I already asked for my group to be added to the do not upload list, which I think is my … Continue reading

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* IamBR ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support [IamBR] u all suck * IamBR ([email protected]) has left #bakabt-support I thought I’d pass it on.

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Blog has moved back to

Just a heads up, for those of you that might have RSS feeds running or bookmarks: update the address.

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Pictures from Japan: better late than never

Pictures from Japan!
They’re a bit out of order and it’s severely lacking in subscript but I’m sure you’ll like em none the less ­čśÇ Continue reading

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IE7 Fail -_-

Someone reported (thanks!) that a download link for a torrent was not working properly (torrent: link). I already suspected at first that there might be a strange character in there, but all characters work fine on Windows and are accepted … Continue reading

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As some of you may know Wied┼║min (Eng: the Witcher) is a game, series and sequential novel by Polish author Andrzej┬á Sapkowski. The PC game came out in 2007. While I was playing it it felt like there was much … Continue reading

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Nightly ambrosia

First of all this is actually my first official blog post ever. I never felt much like blogging but now that we have BoxTorrents blog I thought it appropriate to add something every now and then. So here it is! … Continue reading

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