The Jewel Of Dreams ~ Episode 1


It was a hot summer afternoon in the jungles of Peru. Somewhere along the way, a jeep hurdles along the greenery. As they rushed upon the clearing, they stopped. Haltingly, they saw the mysterious temple that they chatted about. As they approached the entrance, arrows hurdled among their skins. They barely dodged the arrows, despite one of them had hesitancy to go.

They arrived at the middle of the temple revealing a maze catacomb leading to a hollow area. They didn’t stopped themselves and they stepped inside. All of the sudden, they rushed along the maze, a stream of water has come to their attention. As they finally jumped to the hollow area, they see their prize… A book containing secrets. Secrets that the world shouldn’t tamper. They tried an attempt to get the book. With success, they rushed to a portal-like door and they have safely escaped the demolished tower only to find out…

“All right, the book”, said Ferdinand Costolo. Dr. Artemis Faulkner said to the brutish giant, “I will not give it to you. Not in a million years.” “I don’t have a choice… I’ll give it to you”, as Nigel Barley gave the bag to him. “I wouldn’t say much about that, but it should be all of it.”

Ferdinand’s henchmen grabbed Artemis, “You traitor! I shouldn’t trusted you from the start! Your aura. I can feel it”, said Artemis.

They then traveled from Peru via military cargo plane (for as it turned out, Ferdinand’s main job is being a influential general. His side job is to be a paid henchman.) and as they arrived to the skies, Artemis looked back from his days as an archeology professor and spending his time with his daughter, Katelin. Then, in the entire disclosed hours of journey, the professor was stunned when he saw the shadowed figure in front of the headlight of a limo. “Nice to see you, Art. Are you ready?

Meanwhile, in the metropolis of Clear Town, Clint McConors is typing on his blog:

“Well, the artists were not “participative” at ComicCon. They were MORE than cooperative. I would wish that they would make their own than do another Agent’s Creed ripoff.”

…when his eyes focused on this woman. He was interrupted by Nikki Shore. What he doesn’t know that it will be the beginning of an adventure that will span two continents, 3 dimensions, a fictional world, and lots of characters of different personalities, all in the ultimate test of wit, intelligence, and trust.


Exclusive to BakaBT.

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