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Kodomo no Jikan — I Can’t Wait for Ten Years

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Zombie Story

I haven’t yet figured out a name for this series of stories, so this will have to do. This is my first attempt at writing a zombie apocalypse story, so if it seems cheesy, bear with me, I’m still perfecting … Continue reading

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It seems support channel gets them too…

s1nru1n (~~~~~~~~~~~~~) has joined #bakabt-support <s1nru1n> “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” “Commit to the LORD whatever you … Continue reading

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The difference between between anime and cartoons.

Many people think that anime and cartoons are actually the same thing. I know that every person who will read this will most likely know how to distinguish, but I felt the urge to write this post to prove to … Continue reading

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What’s So Good About Anime?

You might think that this is a funny or, at best, a silly question, but I want to thoroughly explore it because this entire community is dedicated anything and everything anime related. It’s important that we, as anime watchers, understand why we … Continue reading

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Toonami nostalgia anyone?

As any fan of anime will tell you, it isn’t always about what’s new and shiny. Anyone anguished by Gunslinger Girl’s bastard child second season will understand, as will those flabbergasted by mind-boggling anime adaptations (e.g. GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita).

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Kimi ni Todoke Review

This is my first ever review on BakaBT, so please, I hope you enjoy! Chiya Edit: First post from the open Blog BakaBT Scheme. Please leave lots of feedback for this brave soul willing to throw himself into the deepend. … Continue reading

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The BakaBT Blog V2.0 – Better Than Before!

Why you reading this here? Go check the forum Announcements! I feel I must state though, I cannot upgrade your accounts to a Contributor account unless you have an account which is already active. So make it first! Love, Chiya.

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Some people looooove drama

C/P from IRC [20:34] <Person> Hello, since you’re a legit owner of BBT, I would aks you to do something, I already asked for my group to be added to the do not upload list, which I think is my … Continue reading

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* Kamizushi ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support [Kamizushi] you all rule * Kamizushi ([email protected]) Quit I thought I’d pass it on.

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