A Zombie Story: Pushing Through the Madness

No matter how fast I pushed myself to run, I couldn’t lose them. Nearing the faint light ahead of me, I was tackled to the floor again, this time I wasn’t fast enough to free myself of the now livid creature that held me to the ground. Quickly, I drew my side arm and began firing. The towering creature let out a roar, and I was able to free myself. Taking advantage of the situation, I sprang to my feet and thrust the blade on my weapon deep into the monster’s skull. Twisting the blade deeper, I felt the crunch of bone against steel. The lifeless body of my adversary fell to the floor.

Tired, weak, and almost out of life, I managed to muster up enough strength to push myself off the floor again. A loud thunderous roar came from above, and like a meteor, a large boulder of a being came crashing down in front me. Shooting the behemoth a dirty look, I unsheathed the fire ax at my back and prepared myself for death…

To Be Continued…

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