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To fansub or not to fansub

For the few of you who know me (or rather, the few of you that actually care), you know that I have gotten into fansubbing lately. It was partly on a whim, and partly to see just what it’s like … Continue reading

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Box Staff Tree

Thanks to our own Chihiro Goddess (and with memories of that insane Box family tree coming to mind), we now have a… possible version of the Box Staff Tree:

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Weekends Are Too Short

It’s a never-ending cycle really. Every Monday, you look forward to Friday and every Friday, you hope Monday is far away. But before you know it, it’s Monday again and you need to get up early for work. There is … Continue reading

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Something About Nothing

Well, I’ll be doing something I figured I would never do since I have nothing to say: write a blog entry. Honestly, I’m not sure what I will say here, since I can say a lot about nothing (If you … Continue reading

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