Box Staff Tree

Thanks to our own Chihiro Goddess (and with memories of that insane Box family tree coming to mind), we now have a… possible version of the Box Staff Tree:

So here is the explanation:

Box – Title: Deceased ancestor.
We know you’re not actually dead. In fact, you might have the most life out of all of us, but it’s ok right?

Psy – Title: God Almighty.
Apparently all the n00bs should bow down to you who gives divine judgment on our singing talents (actually that was a really bad pun wasn’t it? >_>).

Nazo – Title: Ojii-chan.
Why am I ojii-chan again? *cries*

Jarudin – Title: The other other grandfather.
Yeah, I don’t know why there are two “others” in here. He’s got an iron grip on the site code and the database anyway, so let’s let him be.

MTR – Title: The stern father (God save all his daughters please?).
Two words: Scary thought. Enough said.

kureshii – Title: The loving mother.
Well, considering how he is towards the wiki and his templates… I suppose it’s not unimaginable. Why he’s paired with MTR though is a mystery.

Malus – Title: The insane older brother who wants yomi’s babies.
*imagines his size and his protectiveness of his girls*. Yeah… that’s actually not that hard to imagine. Except he’s been shunted down the pecking order it seems.

MarchHare – Title: The imouto.
Yeah, she’s cute, and my other half (that balances out my ojii-chan-ness right? right?) so she would be the imouto.

Chiyachan – Title: The Onee-chan.
Yeah… it doesn’t make much sense until you see this: Chiya -> Chihaya (from Asu) -> girl -> older sister -> onee-chan.
Now… I guess that gives reason and explanation for Chiyachan to dress in a skirt ^^;;

Lan – Title: The Random Stranger.
Who cares about Lan anyway?

Everyone else: Unknown for the moment. Maybe the Chihiro Goddess will have a better idea some other day >_>

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