Something About Nothing

Well, I’ll be doing something I figured I would never do since I have nothing to say: write a blog entry. Honestly, I’m not sure what I will say here, since I can say a lot about nothing (If you ask some people that I have sent Christmas cards to, they can attest to how well I can fill it up while not knowing what to actually say) since I really have nothing to say.

Plus, I’m probably the most unknown active staff member of all. I mean, consider everyone else:
Box: Almighty creator of Boxtorrents
Jarudin: The one who codes in all of these nice features you see on the site.
Malus: The badass no-nonsense admin who you either hate or love (depending on if you’re his target or not). P.S. Still no hugs for you though >_>
psyren: Well, search for “FAIL” or “EPIC FAIL” and he’s probably the source.
kureshii: The one who makes these templates that people use and love.
MarchHare – The cute, young, underaged, female mod that we all love so much.
Chiyachan – The one we love to blame (remember to use !blame in #boxtorrents to show him your love).
MTR – the Nagisa/Ranka/loliphile-loving him >_>
Xeroskill, lazydude, yomiko, ayeka, Madhatter, Force, AnimeJanai and dubkatz: I’m sure longtime members remember them, and I can’t think of anything to say about them right now due to my sleepiness
And then there’s me (oh well, there’s Lan too, but who cares about Lan?). And yeah, there’s not much to say about me.

Wait, I forgot my point…
Anyway, I don’t have much to say. I’m just posting something for the sake of posting I think. Well, it’s not like I expect to have a topic to talk about since I can’t ever have a proper conversation about any fun topics (think controversial topics such as religion) since most people are too set in their ways to be any fun because it’s like talking to a brick wall. Well at least I wouldn’t ever call a brick wall “stupid” >_>

At least I managed to waste some time at work \o/


zomg, I forgot Kotu

And Hope, but we all know how Hope and Box are connected, so that’s fine

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