Weekends Are Too Short

It’s a never-ending cycle really. Every Monday, you look forward to Friday and every Friday, you hope Monday is far away. But before you know it, it’s Monday again and you need to get up early for work.
There is also another cycle related to work, as mentioned by a friend of mine yesterday. To paraphrase:
“You go to work to make money. You need money to help achieve happiness. You need happiness because you work.”

My weekends are always too short. I want to do a bunch of things and I never have enough time to do them all. For example, I wanted to finish my short story, but I’m not even half done T_T. I also wanted to play video games against and start exercising again, but somehow none of that happened. And now I need to sleep so I can wake up for work tomorrow and look forward to the weekend again.
When I start getting manga and anime to edit and QC again, I’ll have no time again. T_T
So sad…

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