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Learning languages has never been this easy! (Or fake!)

The Mind Of A Botnet.

So I was reading a magazine called, “NewScientist” or something along those lines. Honestly, most of it is over my head, but I saw an article called, “The mind of a botnet.” and the following just came to me for … Continue reading

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How not to PM Staff: Part 2

Received in one our our PMs: are you competent From ________ on _____ on ______ apparently [moderator 1] and [moderator 2] aren’t :unsure.gif:[… rest of message …] It might not have occurred to some users yet, but we staff members … Continue reading

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Learn Japanese (Kana Time!)

Well…it’s been 十四日 since our last lesson… I hope all of you are still studying your kanji every 日! (Quitters never prosper) Today, we will be exploring the world of Hiragana and Katakana! Both are Japanese syllabic alphabets, but each … Continue reading

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Japanese Learning!

Greetings fellow students of the Japanese language! How are those Kanji studies coming along? Remember to keep on practising! There’s no room for slacking here… After last week’s intensive study presentation, I thought it’d be nice to take some time … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn Japanese! (The Right Way)

Greetings fellow Japanese language enthusiasts! Cubsey has been thinking a lot about language lately. How it is learned, why it used, why on earth would I want to spend the time to learn it. Everyone has their own reason/motivation for … Continue reading

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Kanji Time

Let’s Learn Japanese! Whip out those ink stones and ink brushes… It’s time for the official BxT Blog kanji lesson! Lent your inkstone to the neighbor? Any writing utensil will do. For those of you who may or may not … Continue reading

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