How not to PM Staff: Part 2

Received in one our our PMs:

are you competent
From ________ on _____ on ______

apparently [moderator 1] and [moderator 2] aren’t :unsure.gif:
[… rest of message …]

It might not have occurred to some users yet, but we staff members do talk to each other. The last thing you want to do is try to bypass a mod/admin’s decision and get things done your way by asking another mod/admin.

We may get on each other’s nerves once in awhile, or crack jokes at each others’ expense, but that’s not the ticket for you to try to pit us against each other. In fact, doing so is likely to produce the opposite effect, i.e. putting your request on lower priority, or on an unwritten blacklist.

Here, I’ll ignore the obvious foolishness of questioning a mod/admin’s competence and writing off the competence of other staff members. If you’re asked by a staff member to do something, do it and don’t try to ask another staff member to approve/grant it without resolving the issue. We don’t bypass each others’ decisions (except occasionally, by accident), so just don’t even think about it.

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