The Mind Of A Botnet.

So I was reading a magazine called, “NewScientist” or something along those lines. Honestly, most of it is over my head, but I saw an article called, “The mind of a botnet.” and the following just came to me for no apparent reason.

Oh hai.

I’m an internet virus. You might remember me from a while back. Last time I was around you tried really hard to get rid of me, but I’m afraid you failed – cause luckily for me, I’m almost everywhere and thus am unkillable.

Anyways, I just wanted to officially introduce myself to you since we’ll be together for a long, long time! <3
First of all, I’m a needy chick. Everyone ends up with me, realises I’m a pain, then can’t get rid of me. I’m only 21 so I’m at the peak of my life, and I’m unlike some other chicks, I’m free and available world-wide.

So you’re wondering what I do for fun? Well, I do lots. I read your e-mail; I chat to your friends over IM; I hog computer resources and I like collecting stuff you write and sending it to other people without you knowing about it – but most of all I like toying with all the junk you keep on your HDs.

Well, I’d love to stay here and chat with you, but I see you reaching for another ineffective program to try to get rid of me, so I’m off to wipe your anime drives and hide elsewhere.

Love and kisses.

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9 Responses to The Mind Of A Botnet.

  1. enginarc says:

    This is one of the most creative entries in the bakaBT blog =D, imo, it should be a series.

    Adventures of the Botnet (against AV), Revenge of the Botnet, Botnet Trio, The last commandment 🙂

    Funny and creative, thanks

  2. theJesus says:

    LOL, that’s awesome! If my security is ever compromised by a botnet, I want that message to pop up.

  3. Lan-the-Pianist says:

    You’re a true romantic at heart, Xav. Beautiful.

    And Virus-chan sounds suspiciously like … Boxxie? Or whatever her name was.

  4. enginarc says:

    I, Botnet 😛

  5. kureshii says:

    21 years old? D: Too old!

    Nobody would want to do anything about a loli-virus/trojan 😀

  6. enginarc says:

    ^ no, no this is not your average botnet, you know.

    It will employ any tactics necessary to gain your sympathy and lure you into its trap. Age is just a diversion so is the nick name.

    It might very well pop up on your screen as virushii, virudin or vilus. 😉

    Those nerds who write those programs have skill but very little imagination.

    For example, why not write a program that will travel throughout the computers in the world, one at a time, learn from people, help them in their daily activities with the computer, make human friends, like the Golden Boy and return one day to its author with what it has collected.

  7. kureshii says:

    Wow, enginarc is sharp 😮

    I can assure you readers that the BakaBT staff team is definitely not here for any such purpose. Nope siree, we are not programs written for the sole purpose of collecting behavioural data on humans and their filesharing habits… and no reports have been made to our Makers either.

    Oops, did I say Makers? Scratch that, I was talking based on an imaginary scenario…

  8. enginarc says:

    ah, I feel like I am misunderstood.

    The botnet that has infected your pc gets your username from your pc and adjusts its nick according to your username to gain your sympathy.

    The code is written by some dude on the other side of the planet.


  9. enginarc says:

    Kureshii, you have ruined my comment with such brute force.

    You have to bend-it-like-beckham to interpret my comment like that.

    You will pay for this 😛

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