I know this has probably been addressed over, and over, then beaten to death with a stick, but it’s a point of discussion that comes up constantly amongst staff: users not reading our rules and guidelines.

For users from a site that specializes mainly in subbed anime, one would think they would be used to reading text … maybe we need some pretty pictures to go along with the words.

Just this week, I was complaining to some other mods about how some users view Adoption as e-penis, and how we should have guidelines governing that only people who are of a mind to fix up torrent description pages should be allowed to adopt.

  • <%Lan-the-Pianist>
    When should I not adopt a torrent?
    You should not adopt a torrent just to add to your collection of ‘owned’ torrents. No one will think any higher of you, just because you have fifty torrents under your name. In fact, if you let them fall into disrepair (so to speak), then they will be put up for adoption again for someone who has a mind to fix them up proper.

I bug Kureshii to go add that to the Wiki, he tells me to do it myself, I go and look … and it’s already there -_-

Good Lord, people. Read, please.

Wiki. FAQ (from Wiki). Rules and Guidelines for Site and Forum.

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