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Welcome to the BxT Blog! Introductions and Explanation!

Welcome to BxT Blog! This is a new project being ran and maintained by Chiyachan and Cubensis55 (With Jarudin’s approval of course!) We aim to deliver lots of various, yet interesting articles on a bi-monthly basis. Among other things, you’ll … Continue reading

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The Bi-Monthly Torrent Promotion!

Torrent of the Blog! Hikaru No Go < Clicky Clicky! This is the torrent of the blog because not only is the series quite captivating, the story is moving and emotional. Each episode has a bonus feature at the end … Continue reading

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Review: Tomoyo After Original Soundtrack

Review Time: Tomoyo After Original Soundtrack Here we have the original soundtrack to the Tomoyo arc of the infamous Clannad series. With styles ranging from lush orchestration to grungy industrial, this album captivated me and, at times, forced me to … Continue reading

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BxT Idol!

BxT Idol! Well, as we all know, BxT Idol! is really getting into the swing. With ~40 applicants already and more joining every day, we could easily consider this a success. BxT Idol is a singing competition which vaguely follows … Continue reading

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Interview: Jarudin

It’s time for an interview! Cubensis managed to catch up with Jarudin late one evening for an interveiw. What did BoxTorrents most infamous member have to say? Read on to find out!

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My Rant on the Evolution of Breasts in Gundam (and the Real World)

Mystery Blogger Every once in a while we’ll invite a guest to post a blog. Random thought, rants, ideas, etc… All ready to be shared with the public! This week’s mystery blog: My Rant on the Evolution of Breasts in … Continue reading

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Extras! Welcome to what could be considered the “funnies” part of the blog. Here we’ll see IRC and Forum quotes/posts which make you snicker, laugh or simply smile. All rudeness removed for the younger readers. ^_^ —- Cubensis:: *Stabs Euphemia … Continue reading

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Staff Leak!

Secret-y News-y stuff! -Chiya looks around to make sure Jarudin isn’t hiding behind a bush aiming a gun at him- Alright, looks like the coast is clear! Let’s see how much secret comedy and news I can pass on before … Continue reading

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Kanji Time

Let’s Learn Japanese! Whip out those ink stones and ink brushes… It’s time for the official BxT Blog kanji lesson! Lent your inkstone to the neighbor? Any writing utensil will do. For those of you who may or may not … Continue reading

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Closing Notes

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed our first run at the BoxTorrents Blog. Hopefully this will be a project that we can keep continuing into the future. I think it’s going to be a great way to keep people informed, … Continue reading

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