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Blog Ahoy!

And so we enter the third edition of “The Blog“. For those who noticed a small change, congratulations! We have transferred from Nucleus to WordPress. This is mainly because I screwed up when choosing a blogging system and chose the … Continue reading

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Sky Crawlers!

This month we see the film, “Sky Crawlers” being heartily recommended by Jarudin! As you can see though this log: “[18:51] do Sky Crawlers!” Personally, this isn’t a film I have yet watched. Though I’ve heard from many people that … Continue reading

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Shinigami No Ballad

Shinigami No Ballad is a 6 episode series consisting of 6 short stories (each story 1 episode long). The main premise of the story is centred around a Shinigami named Momo and the people she deals with. (By the way, A Shinigami … Continue reading

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BxT Idol! & New Competition!

The current judges are being quite lazy. As of this writing, only one judge has been making votes, and even so, they’ve only made votes on nine people. Seems that delays are inevitable in this case. Other the other hand … Continue reading

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NaRu – Forum Addicted

Cubensis managed to snag the infamous NaRu late last night for a few prying questions.. Let’s see what this “titan of the BxT forum” had to say.

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Manga vs Comics, Animé vs Cartoons!

I am a fan of all 4 categories, but each has it’s own unique style and vibe! So, in this blog we’re going to post the good, the bad, and the funny things about each of them, in comparison. Manga: … Continue reading

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Staff Comedy?

Here’s a -tiny- compilation of all the lulz that the staff get subjected to! We will start off with a picture I took as I was lurking on the wiki. It’s not the funniest thing in the world, but we … Continue reading

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The Leak! (Or Staff Work Explained?)

The secrets behind adoptions. To adopt a torrent is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a lot of hard work. First of all, the user has to impress the staff with a clear and precise plan of what they wish … Continue reading

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Japanese Learning!

Greetings fellow students of the Japanese language! How are those Kanji studies coming along? Remember to keep on practising! There’s no room for slacking here… After last week’s intensive study presentation, I thought it’d be nice to take some time … Continue reading

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End of the road… ;_;

There’s also a new change coming to this blog extremely shortly… The StaffBlog is being merged in here. Basically, on the 1st and on the 16th of each month, there will still be a feature length post set as you … Continue reading

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