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The Blog; Episode Two

Here we are, on the first of April. After having spent AGES working on a brilliant -ahem- addition, I was told not to go live with troll due to the nature of the site. (In otherwords, Jarudin doesn’t want us … Continue reading

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The Bi-Monthly Torrent Promotion!

Our recommended torrent this month is the series which started BoxTorrents. That’s right, it’s SAILOR MOON! Sailor Moon is a story which focuses on a young girl who is given the task of saving the world in moonlight, Winning love … Continue reading

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BxT Idol! Updates!

As it’s now the end of the month, BxT Idol auditions are over. We recieved over 40 applications of pure win. Within the next 10 to 15 days the judges will have their chance to use a secret off-site location … Continue reading

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Interview: Tatsujin

Late last night, Cubensis managed to catch up with BxT Forum Extraordinaire, Tatsujin. After a bit of figuring, Tatsujin managed to hop onto the BxT IRC for the very first time! What did this long-time BoxTorrents member have to say?

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Anime & You

Anime and You. They say that those who watch anime or read manga are ”special”, but not in the way that you or I would like to think. It can be noted that anyone can watch an anime, or read … Continue reading

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IRC Laughs

Welcome to a rather short collection of amusing happenings on IRC, not much happened this week so I ended up plundering support chatlogs as well as Staff chatlogs. Let’s hope I didn’t dig up the wrong information eh? =D ========================= … Continue reading

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Staff Leak!

Now, I’ve had to miss out a quite a bit. Mainly the parts in which I discuss about how often we laugh at some of the questions we get. Though we do sometimes get ones which need consultation, for which … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn Japanese! (The Right Way)

Greetings fellow Japanese language enthusiasts! Cubsey has been thinking a lot about language lately. How it is learned, why it used, why on earth would I want to spend the time to learn it. Everyone has their own reason/motivation for … Continue reading

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The End Is Upon Us!

*Cubensis attempts to give his closing note through the layers of bloody bandages wrapped around his skull* Mffmmple mrff mffle pmmlpr! Pmmrmlle mrfffindergin bffrwgin sty? snturffl glerffle mmmmdrwfnbr plrrwdchmm!

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