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Round Two of BxT Idol!

Welcome to Round TWO of BxT Idol. (Finally. I blame Southrop. see how guilty he looks?) Anyway, the people who will be proceeding are as follows: Zone36 Fome Hikaroo Sephibox Tenikime Purple Kizunami Rockenroll Dootiez Fohfoh Hirose Jigenbakuda Lupajunie Naruchan16 … Continue reading

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Morgia brainstorms Catgirls!

Catgirl walks down the street, thinking of nothing evil, twirling her tail and humming a merry tune – some male in his fertile age sees her. Man stops thinking. Man starts drooling. Catgirl passes man and walks away without noticing … Continue reading

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Interview with a Chihiro nublet. =D

Last night altlavista managed to catch leader of Chihiro fansub group, Kristen, on IRC. After a bit of tongue-tied conversation, here’s the outcome. Lets see what Chihiro goddess has to say.

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I herd u liek Uno?

Well, I was talking with some guys in another channel a couple of weeks ago, and one of them brought their own bot in (Rikku, her name was). Another member asked him if she had any games, like Uno. And … Continue reading

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Ughh, downtown

I hate going downtown. There’s nothing to see there, the pedestrian walkways stink of automotive exhaust and fucking cigarette smoke, and people walk so slow they’re like chibis with fucking stumps for legs. Each time I go for a few … Continue reading

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Fail e-mails for the lulz

I just got home and opened up my e-mail to find an anonymously sent message that reads thus: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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Fail of the Week II

Woo. First post. So Chiya came and pestered me about posting, and just when I was thinking of what to put, this guy joins #box-support. My blog post came right to me. You’ll see our log of it in a … Continue reading

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Second week as part of the staff

Hai~!  So, liek, im staf naow n stuf.  ‘S hrd, but im dong ok, i gess. [insert enthralling story here about my life] So, seriously, the staff does a lot of work, much of which are things that you don’t … Continue reading

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Fail of the Week

We all know how irritating it is trying to communicate with people on forums who don’t type in anything recognisable by speakers of the English language. There are people who are pleasant to deal with (or at least it’s pleasant … Continue reading

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Lonely ♥’s – Wanted…. American……

Ello all. My first blog post… EVER!!! (you can think Chiyachan for holding me at knife point!) I had no idea what to put at first and still don’t to be honest so I’ll think of the title last. hmm… … Continue reading

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