The behaviour of some users

It seems that some users believe that they are more important than others just because they can offer something that Box doesn’t already have, or is not easily acquirable over the great intarwebs.

This does not give you license to ignore our rules.

This does not give you license to insult staff.

I would like to leave you with this picture, which essentially sums up the matter:

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3 Responses to The behaviour of some users

  1. Dr.Metabolic says:

    A superiority complex that a few egomaniac users share.

    Nor the license to insult other members I assume…

    The fucker used to tell me that he had some “special” material, bragged about it like a bum who just found a wallet.
    What pissed me off the most wasn’t the fact that he had “special” stuff but his hostile attitude towards me and others, damn cocky attitude that some users attain, feeling untouchables through the net, some grow balls of the size of tomatoes when they are like fucking peanuts…

    Although his “special” material was indeed quite difficult to obtain, not impossible when the Dr.M dug for it back home in Japan.

    The thing is that one cannot upload certain things due to copyright issues, crummy up speeds, resources etc…

    The hardest part is to make them understand.

    http://img199.imagesh… Nice depiction.

  2. raylu says:

    I love that picture.

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