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Glossary of Terms

Quick translation guide for those wondering what the various terms you see in support chat logs mean. my brother – person’s brother who is really said person but is too embarrassed to admit it my roommate – person’s roommate who … Continue reading

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Add me! Add me!

Yo guys, you should totally add this torrent client I’m using to the whitelist. Why? Because: s/you’re/I’m/, etc

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K-On no Naku Koro Ni

Ok, so, inspired by this image, I was supposed to have written said fic (though I’m sure many other have tried before me). But due to a lack of effort and not having seen K-On yet (Kristen promised me BruReis … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions…

Hey, hey – this happens to be my first blog – so not to beat around the bush too much let me cut right to the chase. Staff decisions can be hard at times, and so here’s the latest leak … Continue reading

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Caught on IRC today: -!- #bakabt + user [user@hostmask] < user> ciao < user> !list -!- #bakabt : user kicked by MarchHare ([NO !list]) -!- #bakabt + user [user@hostmask] < user> hi < user> !list -!- #bakabt : user kicked … Continue reading

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Pictures from Japan: better late than never

Pictures from Japan!
They’re a bit out of order and it’s severely lacking in subscript but I’m sure you’ll like em none the less 😀 Continue reading

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