The Loli of Troy

How do you make a Trojan that nobody can remove? By making them not want to remove it, of course!

Random Idea #34
1. Write a Trojan
2. Incorporate it into a desktop loli app that puts a loli character on your desktop
3. Give it voice capability with speech bubbles
4. Idea from Libresse: “damn it kureshii what if it moaned each time you’d try to kill the process?”

Enjoy your information network, courtesy of your loli-controlled users 😀

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5 Responses to The Loli of Troy

  1. mirgond says:

    You forgot the overheating message from Vanscot 😀

  2. Southrop says:


    Wow. If you make this, I will so download it.

  3. Arveene says:

    Soon you will have control of every Box Torrents user’s computer.

  4. Godfoster says:

    … I think I need to go write a program… >_>

  5. Klocknov says:

    Note to self, don’t download a program by kureshii or Godfoster.

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