So… what’s the takeaway from Transformers 2?

Even if you’ve conquered nanotechnology, the-art-of-making-giant-mecha, underwater as well as space operation, system hacking and subterfuge, and even mastered the art of making traps-with-tails… you will still lose to kung-fu.

And also, the movie’s internal project name was actually Megan Fox and some fleshbags (and a bunch of Transformers). But it was quite a mouthful so they shortened it to just Transformers instead. True story.

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  1. Lupin says:

    It’s title should be Transformers 2: The Great GM Bailout

  2. kureshii says:

    Hoho, that reminds me of a comment my friend made.

    Me: “Wow, the Decepticons totally pwned… they have nanotechnology, scaling technology for big machines, system hacking capabilities, even camouflage… and the Autobots have jackshit”.
    Friend: “Well, they were made by GM, after all”.

  3. enginarc says:

    From the reviews, I had the impression that the only thing didn’t transform was Megan Fox.

    I would actually go see the movie if she could transform enough to my standards.

    Anyone know a website where she caught during transformation?

  4. peebs says:

    This time around the movie was about Megan Fox. I like her. I think she’s a normal human being as opposed to … {insert name of latest starlet} who hails from Pluto. The guys on the radio in the morning interviewed one of the actors and all they asked him about was Megan Fox.

    When the first one came out I thought, “Uncle George raped my childhood, Steven saved it, and Michael immortalized it.”

    Now that this is out and I hear how bad the fans think about it, I take back the Michael comment. I’m waiting for G.I. Joe. There’s hope for the future. Oh and Astro Boy is coming to a theater soon too.

  5. thejesus says:

    [sarcasm]Don’t forget just how awesome the DBZ movie was![/sarcasm]

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