Pictures from Japan: better late than never

Pictures from Japan!
They’re a bit out of order but I’m sure you’ll like em none the less 😀

The executive summary:
We spent the first week in Tokyo. Then went by bullet train (Shinkansen) to Kyoto for a few days then to Nara then to Osaka. We spent the last week in Nagasaki. ‘We’ being me and three friends. I’m not in any of the pictures by the way (except for the melon pan pictures!).
We saw a lot of temples and learned a lot about Japanese culture. My favourite place was probably Akihabara, I could have spent a whole week there, though anime was, as is everywhere, very expensive. Manga is a lot more affordable though, especially in one of the many 2nd hand bookstores.

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14 Responses to Pictures from Japan: better late than never

  1. surdumil says:

    Wow! Way cool photos, Jarudin. You’ve got some Lain electrical works, some Chie okonomiyaki (I want some!), great food shots, and beautiful touristy place photos as well. Thanks so very much for sharing. I wanna go there!

  2. Southrop says:

    lololol. taking pictars of TMA’s adult videos? xDDDDDD

  3. Slykester says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing these! Do you have anymore of Kyoto Pavilion? *DO WANT HI-RES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE*

    .. and your picture of Himeji Castle .. do you have closer views?

    I would say this post needs a part 2 =)

  4. Jarudin says:

    I added some more pictures

  5. thejesus says:

    Why didn’t you go to the Bandai museum and see the giant Gundam? 🙁

  6. Jarudin says:

    Because the Giant Gundam is unveiled in 3 days and I went 4 months ago?

  7. enginarc says:

    Himeji Castle photos are great, thanks a lot, would it be possible to add pictures from inside the historic buildings, if there are any?

  8. Zublac says:

    Wow. i really enjoyed your set of pics! looks like it was alot of fun ^_^ Im gona be making an attempted to go there at some point just need to price it out O_o

  9. Southrop says:

    Maybe I should upload some pictars from last year… I got quite a bit, and it would take ages to upload though.

    If people want it, I wouldn’t mind too much.

  10. enginarc says:

    Southrop, another blog entry under a “Japan in Pictures” (sort of) category would be quite nice.

    People could also expand it in the following years 🙂

  11. thejesus says:

    Wasn’t the gundam in construction in odaiba or something still 4 months ago?

  12. allouh says:

    I remember seeing these pictures two months ago while digging through your photobucket page.
    That Clonnad Live Action got my attention and until now i didn’t find it anywhere.

    nice sharing jarudin

  13. Southrop says:

    Clonnad is a Cosporn movie, allouh. PM me on the tracker if you want a link.

  14. peebs says:

    Cospr0n? *giggles* I guess there’s always something for somebody out there.

    I’m most impressed with the pics from the castle and Kinkakuji. I was hoping you’d show us pictures of the temple since it’s such an iconic building in Japan. I think just going to the manga stores would leave me homeless, a la Megatokyo except I wouldn’t know anybody in Japan.

    Were you on the roof of the castle taking pics of those upside-down fish (whatever they’re called, brain not working nao)? They’re really close up for just being taken from a window. XD

    The melon pan look like the size of a small child’s head. The melon pan here are smaller. At least they’re smaller at my local Japanese bakery. I like the ones filled with chocolate.

    I need a Japanese ceiling light in my room. I’ve always seen them in manga but wasn’t sure what all the strings were supposed to do.

    @Southrop: I wouldn’t mind seeing your pics. XD

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