An Interview With Duki

It’s been a while since I last posted, been extremely busy with other un-related BakaBT projects and jobs. (Mainly working nights and playing EVE in spare time.)

To get myself out of this rut, let’s kick off by interviewing one of the newest staff members and mocking him subtly.


END TIME: 23:21

[Duki takes a LONG time to reply to people via PM.]

Chiyachan:: Duki, welcome to the BakaBT staff rosta. To ensure you’re the correct person I should be talking to, please provide the following information: Full name. Address. Home phone number. Mobile number. Debit card number. Issue number. Expiry date. Full name as shown on card and security number. National Insurance number and a 1200 DPi scan of your passport.

Duki:: It’s such an honor to be here, thoe is this channel secure 😛

Chiyachan:: Yes, of course. This is only the starter check before the interview commences. [padlock icon]

[This is where Duki messes up with UTF-8 encoding and makes all sorts of weird things appear while attempting to write his name.]

Chiyachan:: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Duki:: Name – Dusan [Removed to prevent you horrible stalker people from stalking.] – I’m from Serbia, Novi Sad – a grad. student – graphical engineering

Chiyachan:: Graphical engineering is what exactly?

Duki:: hard to say

Chiyachan:: You don’t know what you graduated from?

Duki:: no lol

Chiyachan:: That’s helpful.

Duki:: but u do notice that english is my second language

Chiyachan:: So, what brought you to BakaBT in the first place? Although I’ll know it’s from BxT, so explain. 🙂

Duki:: I think I accidentally came across it 6 months ago, I leeched a few torrents and left. 2 months later I came across it again, and believe it or not it was freeleech at the time. That helped me a lot – I leeched all I could and fixed my ratio above 1. After that I sort of just decided to stick around…

After that I went on exploring the forums. At first I got to know few interesting users through forum games, and I mainly went on frequenting them – but later on as I got more familiar with stuff tried to help out in the help sections as well – even got some work done on the wiki.

[Remember that if you mess up the wiki that will gain the wrath of Kureshii.]

And eventually you can see how that turned out…

Chiyachan:: How’s that then? – Not everyone knows.

Duki:: Well, as it turned out, I got drafted into service by Jaru and Malus

Chiyachan:: How’d that happen? Was it the constant pestering and nagging via PM and the support channel?

Duki:: And a cake with cherries…

Chiyachan:: Jarudin is a cake whore?

Duki:: Hush… it’s a secret

Chiyachan:: I thought he was more interested in Baileys. Anyway, what’s your plan for the future of BakaBT? Where do you aim to focus your attention? I’m sure you’re aware that everyone specializes in something.

[It’s a known fact in the staffroom that Jarudin only does the brilliant coding work while absolutely hammered.]

Duki:: Hmm… tough question, I mainly want to keep my focus with dealing with the community, try to be helpful to users in need in the support channel, and in help sections on the forum. But of course I do not plan to neglect other mod responsibilities…

Chiyachan:: So you’re going to be the support bish. Funky. :3

Chiyachan:: I suppose another important question is, what is your preferred genre of animé?

Duki:: Preferred genre, well I’d have to say it’s Comedy, Action, Romance and Ecchi – in that order.

Chiyachan:: Hmm, Music wise?

Duk:: I listen to mostly anything, all depending on drunk, wasted or sober…

Chiyachan:: So you drink or smoke drugs often?

Duki:: Well I do try to stay away from drugs but give me rakija (domestic brand – type of brendy) and beer and I’m happy…

Chiyachan:: Tsk tsk.

Chiyachan:: Your opinion on Josh?

Duki:: Weell I do have a repellent you gave me…

Chiyachan:: But do you use it?

Duki:: Haven’t been bothered yet so I’m afraid it’s still gift-wrapped.

Chiyachan:: So you like Josh! :O

Duki:: I’ll keep my Josh opinion to myself…

Chiyachan:: [Noone actually likes Josh. He smells weird and talks in the 3rd person.] Fine. ;_:

Chiyachan:: Do you feel as if you’re settling in well with the rest of the staff? Gained any new opinions now you know what they actually do?

Duki:: Well I think I am, I was already familiar with some of the staff previously from helping out as voiced on the support channel – so yes I think I settled well with the crew. I already had a lot of respect toward the staff and the work they do, and I surely wasn’t disappointed when I first experienced it on my skin.

Chiyachan:: What was the first thing you did with your new powahs?

Duki:: I abused the forums, and it felt good… My first act was to pin (stickie) my topic in the lounge. Then I went on exploring the rest of my powahs.

Chiyachan:: Ooh, your first act of staff was abuse for personal gain!? :O

Duki:: Well more or less…

Chiyachan:: Dreadful, well, is there anything you didn’t expect you’d be able to do? A major secret you didn’t expect?

Duki:: I was a bit worried about dealing with troubles with user accounts at first, and that I’d make a mess of things with the offer system, but I think I got a hold of it now.

Chiyachan:: Yeah, offers are so varied and impossible and the like.

Duki:: But the location of the super secret staff bunker was the thing that surprised me the most, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to say anything more

Chiyachan:: Which bunker? T/I or F?

[‘m struggling to remember what T/I stands for. >_> Any suggestions? Leave comments below!]

Duki:: Both tbh…

Chiyachan:: Anyway, stay away from swaps and deletes… it’s how I keep up with kureshii on his offers in the who does the most list. :3

Duki:: I’ll compete with you on adoptions then…

Chiyachan:: Also, do you plan to make lots of blog posts in the near future?

Duki:: Well maybe when I’m granted blog access I might make a few post here and there

Chiyachan:: That can be arranged.

[This has been done. Still waiting for more Duki posts though. Lazy git.]

Chiyachan:: Anyway, thank you very much for your time. I’ll bitch again at you soon for some reason.

Chiyachan:: Is there anything you wish to add?

Duki:: Nothing much, would just like to thank the staff for their support and guidance with how things work, and their toleration for my questions – I hope I can fill their expectations…

Thank you for having me…

[I’m pretty sure Duki omitted the words, “for lunch.” in his previous sentence.] <3

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