New Tracker + Shameless Advertising

So, as you may or may not be aware, Jarudin has recently upgraded the tracker. You may be wondering what this means….?

Here is a fake, made up interview between myself and Jarudin discussing the new features.

Chiyachan: So Jaruchan, what can you tell me about this new tracker?
Jarudin: My love, there is so much I must tell you!
Chiyachan: There’s a time and a place. This is neither… Now, about the tracker please?
Jarudin: Oh, how my heart aches, anyway, the new tracker which I’ve recently installed has many great features which will benefit not only the staff members, but the regular users too!
Chiyachan: Well, could you explain some of them please?
Jarudin: No problemo! First of all, there’s the freeleech capabilities!
Chiyachan:: MOAR information please?
Jarudin: Well, we’re able to set individual torrents to a freeleech status so that people are able to download them without taking a hit to their ratio.
Chiyachan: What about warned members? This could be a great way to help them with their ratios!
Jarudin: No comment, my young Padawan.
Chiyachan: Alright, well, can it make toast?
Jarudin: That’s a feature I’m looking into. It should be do-able. It’s only a case of …

[SNIPPED – Extremely long and detailed explanation on how Jarudin plans to interface the tracker with all known electronical products in existence so it is able to do almost anything.]

Chiyachan: Wow. Well, thank you for your time Jarufigment.
Jarudin: No problem, whenever you need someone to talk to about something, just call me back into existence.

For the record, the Ghibli megatorrent is now set to freeleech since it’s a huge 10gb+ beast full of FLAC and MP3 goodness.
Click here to find out more.

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5 Responses to New Tracker + Shameless Advertising

  1. Jarudin says:

    Although this interview is totally fake, and Chiyachan has been brought a lot closer to forced resignation, the toast feature is something I have been working on.

    So far it can only do whole grain on a medium setting, white is still a problem.


  2. Cubensis says:

    I laughed. 😀
    Absolutely epic…

  3. theJesus says:

    Will toast consumption affect a user’s ratio?’

  4. surdumil says:

    Er, no comment about the romance bit 🙂

    The toast feature is most intriguing. What kind of toast deployment mechanism is planned? Are you looking at spring-assisted airborne? Maybe a maglev launch system?

  5. Aemony says:

    Erm… So can we get that extremely long and detailed explanation sometimes soon? And will the tracker sometime soon in the future create Skynet which in turn will devastate the whole world as humanity knows it? 😛

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