New Tracker + Shameless Advertising

So, as you may or may not be aware, Jarudin has recently upgraded the tracker. You may be wondering what this means….?

Here is a fake, made up interview between myself and Jarudin discussing the new features.

Chiyachan: So Jaruchan, what can you tell me about this new tracker?
Jarudin: My love, there is so much I must tell you!
Chiyachan: There’s a time and a place. This is neither… Now, about the tracker please?
Jarudin: Oh, how my heart aches, anyway, the new tracker which I’ve recently installed has many great features which will benefit not only the staff members, but the regular users too!
Chiyachan: Well, could you explain some of them please?
Jarudin: No problemo! First of all, there’s the freeleech capabilities!
Chiyachan:: MOAR information please?
Jarudin: Well, we’re able to set individual torrents to a freeleech status so that people are able to download them without taking a hit to their ratio.
Chiyachan: What about warned members? This could be a great way to help them with their ratios!
Jarudin: No comment, my young Padawan.
Chiyachan: Alright, well, can it make toast?
Jarudin: That’s a feature I’m looking into. It should be do-able. It’s only a case of …

[SNIPPED – Extremely long and detailed explanation on how Jarudin plans to interface the tracker with all known electronical products in existence so it is able to do almost anything.]

Chiyachan: Wow. Well, thank you for your time Jarufigment.
Jarudin: No problem, whenever you need someone to talk to about something, just call me back into existence.

For the record, the Ghibli megatorrent is now set to freeleech since it’s a huge 10gb+ beast full of FLAC and MP3 goodness.
Click here to find out more.

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