Complete and utter FAIL.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but let’s break down the entire discussion between a guy-who-PMed-Jarudin and Jarudin with annotations to see where he went wrong.
First of all, I will start by re-writing EVERYTHING he said so that when this gets posted on the blog, people are able to read it without getting eye strain.

I’ve decided to annotate my interpretation of his messages since it reads easier. Nothing personal.

Received: 24th July

Excuse me, I need you to tell me the name of a good client. I can’t work out how to use uTorrent or how to get it to work. It only allowed me 3 active torrents. Tell me a good and usable client.

Just what exactly is the problem with Bitcomet? Don’t get all high-handed and say, “Because I decided it is so.” Tell me a real reason. Why am I not allowed to use a good, workable client which lets me seed 12+ torrents at once, as well as download when I’m not playing games?

I assume you wanted to take the site as your own. Personally, I don’t think anyone cares what Box did with the extra donations which the site received.

The site was running smoothly and there were no problems.

There was only political bullshit which no one cared about.
Sent money to keep the site active. I’m ok with the extra money being used to pay domestic bills. I don’t care about website politics and what donated money is used for.
I only want to seed and download at my fastest speeds. I can only do 3 at a time, give me back the ability to use Bitcomet!

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This message was replied by Jarudin on the 24th with the following:

Not only do you not care about politics, you also don’t care about spelling.


His reply:

My spelling is bad? What do you expect from me after I’ve spent 6 months in and out of a coma after getting my skull cracked open?

This is besides the point. You completely failed to answer the question I originally asked.
1) Why has Bitcomet been blacklisted?
2) What is a good and usable client which isn’t a piece of shit which can’t allow more than 3 torrents running at once?

You want to try and be the big, bad boss, but who cares?

You should treat me with respect. I’m lucky to still be alive, so who cares if I don’t remember how to spell things? I never even write normally apart from the odd occasion. As I said, when you’ve had your skull split open by violent parents, doctors try to discover if you can even talk and remember who you are. Spelling isn’t the most important thing on our minds.

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Again, this was replied to by Jarudin on the same day.

Read the whitelist topic.

What do you hope to achieve by putting up this attitude against me?

If you have a question I can answer you.
If you have a question that has been answered already I can point you in the right direction.

Does having been in a coma give you the right to be shit to other people from now on?

Spelling on the Internet is a form of showing respect. Your message looks like it was typed in a rush, why would I want to seriously answer someone who doesn’t take the time to ask a proper question?
Like in this example. You don’t quote so I have to look in my inbox for your previous message, then find my reply in my outbox and then I have to figure out what ‘client’ and topic you are referring to. See how this is taking me A LOT more time than it took you to even write the message?


Received: 29th July

Show signs of respect? Says who? Where are the rules of respect posted? Shitting on who, how? You were the one being rude and disrespectful by attacking my spelling. I asked for specific reasons why you are no longer allowing a client and where I can find a client to use. All you do is point to a list that doesn’t say anything I can understand.

What attitude? I talk as best as I’m able to when I type.

This is the only real site I’ve ever found. Yet whenever I turn around, you’re changing something. Always for the worst, even when you think it’s better. Perhaps for the elite people who know technology, but it’s not the case for my less than perfect understanding of it.

You remove stuff which works because you don’t like the format so I have to figure out what hoops to jump though to make it work.


You remove a working client for some thing I don’t understand. More hoops to jump though.
I ask for help, reasons and understanding. Instead, you belittle me and pick on me because of spelling issues?

That’s improved how?

Every time I ask you things, you are the one to give an attitude. I honestly don’t understand. I can figure out basics, but NOT ADVANCED peoples idea of basics. Download one player, one show and hit play.
Not anymore… Too many changes for no real reason. When asking for the information, you berate and belittle. Like I said. This is the only workable site I’ve ever found. Don’t think about using other websites. I went there and got a virus just by clicking on something there. I had to format my computer.
If you don’t want me on this site anymore, just say so and I won’t donate anymore and I won’t come back and I won’t tell my friends about here either.

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17 Responses to Complete and utter FAIL.

  1. Jarudin says:

    This is not the kind of PMs I want to read when I come home after work T_T


  2. Duki says:

    Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the second help sign is an Easter egg for you…

  3. Aemony says:

    I’ve never fully understood how people can write and spell that bad, even if I have a couple of friends who does the same thing. I guess it’s an accustomed behavior for them from using Windows Live Messenger to chat with their friends to much, but I can’t be sure as I personally didn’t fall into that trap. (O_o)

  4. Borror0 says: is an amazing website. 😀

  5. natures says:

    Not only can I not understand how people can spell and write so bad like Aemony said, but I also cannot understand how he DARED to talk to Jarudin that way :/ I’m only a normal user and I still see when some big improvements have been done upon the site 🙂 I respect hard work so Jarudin has all of my respect <3

  6. Slykester says:

    I clicked ‘show’ . . wow what a mistake that was.

  7. Lupin says:

    >> You’re lucky that I didn’t talk to you first. You would have been ripped to shreds.

    If Chiyachan will rip this guy into shreds, I wonder what Psyren will do. Falcon punch/kick won’t be enough for this guy.

  8. Dex Luther says:

    “I guess it’s an accustomed behavior for them from using Windows Live Messenger to chat with their friends to much”

    No it isn’t. It’s 100% pure laziness on the Author’s part. Personally, I take the time to write in complete sentences and double check spelling when I need to even when I’m chatting to friends through IM.

    Heck it’s not long before it become second nature, and it actually takes LONGER to write in ‘lazy Internet babble’.

    The sad thing is more and more people are becoming lazy idiots like this guy. It’s pretty much being encouraged – Even in SCHOOLS!

    A student makes mistakes on their assignments. Instead of them failing they are given a pat on the back and the passing grade it lowered so that they don’t feel bad about it. The student isn’t corrected, doesn’t learn anything, and has no reason to improve. The student then gets lazy, makes more mistakes, and the passing grade is lowered again because it would be a bad thing to have the student feel bad and maybe find the urge to better themselves.

    The lazy student basically free-rides the entire education system and goes on to be a doctor, CEO, or even the next President of the United-States.

    And people wonder why the world is becoming a pile of shit.

  9. Dex Luther says:

    Whoops! There’s no edit button for the comments.

  10. Chiyachan says:

    Dex Luther says:
    August 6, 2009 at 12:22 pm (Edit)

    Whoops! There’s no edit button for the comments.


    Yes there is. But I completely agree with you.
    I find it extremely hard to purposefully spell badly. People as such should be shot. =_=

  11. Dex Luther says:

    And survivors should be shot again.

    I’m using Opera, and I don’t see any edit button anywhere.

  12. Duki says:

    Chiya’s just messing with you, he has the edit button, users don’t…

  13. Cubensis says:

    Is this asshole for reals?!


    //gives Jaru-chan a pat on the back

  14. Klocknov says:

    man and I though my ex was bad…

  15. Akecu says:

    That was an interesting conversation : D

  16. peebs says:

    Misspelling on purpose takes effort. Yust liek dis guen ai yus lolspeak and it’s damn hard ’cause I have to force ma brein to do it. And that’s intentional. The lazy f*s who do it all the time…just thinking about it, makes me and Baby Jesus cry.

    All of you staff who have to deal with these tards and not rip your hair out in frustration are angels with wings and halos. Apparently the exception is Chiya. *runs*

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