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Scene 7

Thank you for that report, Tiffany. It seems I’ve just received word that the Town Committee has recently named a new Sheriff. But, due to the nature of the current events, for their own safety they will not be revealing their identity at this time.

It seems the Sheriff will be anonymously asking townsfolk at random to come in for questioning at the station over night to try and sort out this whole mess. So, if you get a call asking you to come into the station for questioning, it’s not a prank. You’ll probably be a lot safer there anyways.

We have also received word that there is a Doctor in town who will be visiting random homes to treat injuries and they’ll be bringing enough Wolfsbane to ward off werewolves. Please do not attempt to remove their mask.

Yes, you heard it correctly: werewolves.

It seems that the authorities have now come to believe that we do have at least one werewolf in the town who is killing people during every full moon. These incidents are not thought to be connected with the serial killings at this time.

As you may have heard, there are another batch of killings that have recently happened that the police do not believe to be connected to either of these other strings of killings. They believe this to be the work of yet another serial killer, though a few have speculated that it’s unlikely that we have another serial killer on our hands because the evidence left at the scene is different every time and doesn’t seem to have any connection. It’s also hard to explain why some individuals have opted to committing suicide recently.

One person I interviewed claimed to be a Holy Paladin sent from the Vatican Section XIII, Iscariot. They went on to explain that they are the Church’s weapon against the Undead and that they will be attempting to purge our town of these unholy and evil creatures terrorizing our city. They have also stated they may be checking in on people to investigate the situation and protect against the rising threat. The individual I interviewed chose to remain anonymous but did claim that they believe the third string of killings to be the work of a Demon by method of possession.

Now I’m hearing… Yes, it seems the Town Committee is going forward with their special session which was announced earlier today. Yes, yes it seems that they are in fact in session. We’re going live to our reporter in the field for live coverage of this event. Over to you, Tiffany.

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