As some of you may know Wiedźmin (Eng: the Witcher) is a game, series and sequential novel by Polish author Andrzej  Sapkowski.

The PC game came out in 2007. While I was playing it it felt like there was much more to the story than explained in the game so I Googled for a bit and found out about the novels and a Polish series called Wiedźmin. I watched the series for a bit but it was a little disappointing, the story didn’t explain much and I was getting really interested in the novels.

Last year I bought the English translation of the first novel: the Last Wish and I liked it a lot. I recently found out the second book has also been translated into English: Blood of Elves, and it’s now lying on my desk ready to be read 🙂

What I like so much about the story is that not everything is what it seems to be at first and quite often good and bad are not so easy to separate.

If you like fantasy with a serious story (like Lord of the Rings, but less epic) I can really recommend the Witcher. I liked it a lot.

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