Nightly ambrosia

First of all this is actually my first official blog post ever. I never felt much like blogging but now that we have BoxTorrents blog I thought it appropriate to add something every now and then. So here it is!

I have never liked alcohol much. I don’t like the grainy taste of beer or whisky. When in Japan I tried some sake but it tastes a lot like beer and whisky, although it’s made from rice. I’m more of a liquor person I guess. Mix drinks also do well for me, so long as they’re not mixed with gin which tastes like soap even if you dilute it with orange juice, in case you like that stuff mix it with tonic to get mouthwash or car polish …

I never understood what is so great about alcohol. I guess I don’t really have a strong preference for alcoholic beverages because I’m just as happy with some tea or juice. Most people seem to frown upon it, other people accept it. In all though, I take pride in choosing for myself what I like so if I feel like drinking I will drink, else I will stick to soda.

What is your experience with different kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages? Do you drink even if you don’t want to drink sometimes?

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15 Responses to Nightly ambrosia

  1. Chiyachan says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, ain’t you a baileys whore? =\

  2. psyren says:

    I don’t drink at all, but if I were to have something, it’d have to be whisky. Baileys is quite nice, though.

    I don’t really like the taste of alcohol myself (why would you drink poison for enjoyment?), and I really wonder what goes through people’s heads when they drink themselves stupid.

    Enjoy your liver failure.

  3. loupgarou says:

    psyren ya are right, when I drink it is usually a Molson (beer) or a good wine but usually I decline because I feel that it is not helpful for a great time to be “plastered”…….

  4. mirrored says:

    I’m a real lightweight when it comes to drinking (shortness of breath FTL) but I also don’t particularly like the taste of alcohol in general which is why I go for the fruity mixed drinks. I keep trying to see if one day I’ll like/get used to it. So far, no dice. Which is just as well I think!

  5. psyren says:

    Try some Baileys. Much nicer than the fruity mixes out there.

  6. kureshii says:

    Bailey’s with ice-cream <3

    I have beers with friends on occasion, otherwise my drink of choice is mostly whiskey as well. Vodka’s too dry for my tastes, and I’m not quite used to gin yet.

  7. Saito says:

    Well I like a cold beer every once in a while especially on a hot summer day.

    Otherwise I’m all that much an alcohol person I prefer to stick to less addictive softdrugs šŸ˜‰

  8. Cubensis says:

    I’m 100% with you Jaruchan. Alcohol has never been for me.
    I’d much rather stick with my tea. šŸ™‚

    And it REALLY pisses me off when people start condescending to me because of my opinion on alcohol. You have an opinion on beverages? Fine. Just don’t talk down on me because I don’t like the same things you do. I don’t understand why alcohol gets people so riled up to the point of being assholes both on AND off the substance.

    You never see tea drinkers getting into bar-fights, now do you? šŸ˜‰

    //rant over
    *Cubesy pours another cup of organic sencha*

  9. Duki says:

    I actually love to drink, not a drunk really, but I like to get drunk – wasted even from time to time.
    Not much of a coktail person, but I don’t mind beer and rakija (closest eqivalent is whiskey and brandy)
    * Even now, there’s some lefover wine and sprite for Easter soo not really a bad mix šŸ˜›

    Would love to try sake

  10. aneroph says:

    I’m with you Jarudin. I can’t stand the taste of beer. I drink every so often, but it is usually mixed rum or whiskey (though I prefer the rum). I have literally only been drunk twice in my life and I would not be upset if I never did again. If I’m hanging out with some old friends I might throw a few back, but that’s it. I’m not against alcohol, I just personally don’t find it that great.

  11. CCRLH85 says:

    Good to know that I’m not alone in not seeing the fun of getting totally plastered. I will drink a bit every now and then and I will admit that if someone else is paying I’ll drink somewhat more than ‘a bit’ but I personally enjoy knowing what I did the night before ^_^

  12. Arveene says:

    I definitely cannot stand beer. On the other hand, I can down an entire bottle of captain morgan and coke in about 30 min or so. I usually don’t do that often. Most of the time I’ll have a couple of drinks a couple nights a week and that’s it. A few more if I go out somewhere maybe, but I usually drive so that’s a big no-no.

  13. YogSodoth says:

    I dig beer. Preferably something light in the lager range, but I also drink wheat beers (there’s a local one called Grasshopper here in Alberta that is nice) and a few killer dark ales – Unibroue in Quebec makes some nice ones; Maudite, La Fin du Monde, and Don de Dieu. And Guiness is delicious, but getting drunk off it is a bad ideer. Vodka is good every now and then, and I like a shot of brandy in my dessert or in my eggnog at Xmas. I’m an occasional drinker, and haven’t had more than two or three drinks at a time since my 27th birthday, when I bloody near killed myself due to alcohol poisoning (my friends decided on applying the ‘one shot per year’ rule).
    Alcohol is definitely an acquired taste – lets be fair, it *is* the taste of rotting sugars. While it’s usually high in calories, it’s not something humanity in general is well adapted to use as a food source.

  14. qmeister says:

    I like some lagers, but only rarely do I find the occasion to have one of them.
    Whisky I learned from my father (who’s graduated to single malts), not really my thing.
    Vodka is only good for me when I mix it with something.
    I like some wine, though nothing too strong. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are my favourites, and I stay away from Shiraz.
    Bailey’s is good.

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