Nightly ambrosia

First of all this is actually my first official blog post ever. I never felt much like blogging but now that we have BoxTorrents blog I thought it appropriate to add something every now and then. So here it is!

I have never liked alcohol much. I don’t like the grainy taste of beer or whisky. When in Japan I tried some sake but it tastes a lot like beer and whisky, although it’s made from rice. I’m more of a liquor person I guess. Mix drinks also do well for me, so long as they’re not mixed with gin which tastes like soap even if you dilute it with orange juice, in case you like that stuff mix it with tonic to get mouthwash or car polish …

I never understood what is so great about alcohol. I guess I don’t really have a strong preference for alcoholic beverages because I’m just as happy with some tea or juice. Most people seem to frown upon it, other people accept it. In all though, I take pride in choosing for myself what I like so if I feel like drinking I will drink, else I will stick to soda.

What is your experience with different kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages? Do you drink even if you don’t want to drink sometimes?

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