I herd u liek Uno?

Well, I was talking with some guys in another channel a couple of weeks ago, and one of them brought their own bot in (Rikku, her name was). Another member asked him if she had any games, like Uno. And that sparked my interest. A few days ago, I discovered that there was a bot in #NEWS on Rizon, and so I tried to make/find my own Uno script.

And guess what? I discovered one, and modified it slightly. Thus, we on Box now have a bot that has Uno. Since I don’t want to spam the regular IRC chan, I registered and set up my own one. You can find it on #[email protected] or just click here.

My dear bot is named Hinagiku on DaIRC, and Hina on Rizon. She should be online as long as I am online. When she’s online, you can type !uno to start the game, and Join to join it. !quit allows you to quit, and !unostop stops the game.

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