Interview: Tatsujin

Late last night, Cubensis managed to catch up with BxT Forum Extraordinaire, Tatsujin. After a bit of figuring, Tatsujin managed to hop onto the BxT IRC for the very first time! What did this long-time BoxTorrents member have to say?

Cubensis: First of all, welcome! Where are you at the moment, and what is the vibe like?
Tatsujin: Well, Im in my room, chatting with you, and looking over this .. IRC thing, and of course BoxTorrents chatbox which I really love. I think I do, I mean .. this is my very first time being in #BoxTorrents chatroom on IRC!
I guess the vibe is alright. I was watching White Album and decided to hit BoxTorrents forums. I refresh the page every 15-30 minutes at the least to see whats updated. Its where I hang out and well … where I camp!

Cubensis: Haha, a true devotee of the Bxt!
Tatsujin: >:| Ho ho.

Cubensis: Can you tell us when and how you came to discover boxtorrents?
Tatsujin: Oh my god … that brings back memories! The very first, the beginning of everything! I was on Winamp or I used to use Winamp alot for music and such (the program sucks btw). And well, I discovered that Winamp STREAMS stuff. I watched … ahem, porn .. not the good kind, and some other things and I stumbled on this … “cartoonish” thing that I was desparately trying to get into for years! Since 1998 or 1999, I forgot when I first fell in love with Anime. What was it? Ghost in the Shell movie! That! But back to Winamp, I went on this streaming Desync anime which had Scrapped Princess and some other junk and I can tell you that I watched Scrapped Princess couple of times (start to finish) and I even took 2 days off of work to watch the whole thing! They had a forum, a clumsy forum. I went there, checked it out. Asked questions, and they hit me with AnimeSuki … and then, awesome site btw. I hope they get it back up. Then TokyoTosho and then I stumbled on … I used Suki and Yume/TT more than Box at first. But after a certain while, Im guessing after Jarudin crashed in, thats when I started to pay more attention to … So thats my history. Pin-pointed.

Cubensis: What do you enjoy about the boxtorrents site and community? What do you dislike?
Tatsujin: BoxTorrents site is one of those rare Anime gems that anyone would die to be in. As of now, it is phe-freaking-nomnel. Back then, when I first joined BoxTorrents … I was a member on the “outside” with a shitty seed ratio. BoxTorrents wasnt all that, the interface and banners/popups were lame as hell. Most of the features were not as good, half-assed if you want me to put it in better terms. but after what … I think its been more than a year that Ive registered as a full-member to be included in the Forum section? Its been awesome. Great-all around. If I had to call out names on other anime forums, which I had an awful experience from its Mods and members other than TokyoTosho, BoxTorrents were among the very best, most pleasent to be present in and be part of the community. The features right now are superb, beyond superb. You just cant compete BoxTorrents to any other anime torrent site out there. I love searching on BoxTorrents and looking over the offers. I just love, love love, love love love, the Offers section. Even since that was introduce, I was numb to watch over it. Having completed series, in the best formats from the best or closest best fansub is like a dream. I dont dislike things about BoxTorrents. I wish it would bring some licensed anime in … but that wouldnt be very nice and we will have problems like before, getting shut down, blah blah blah — WhaTEVer. I like it how it is right now. And for the record, BoxTorrents member are awesome. Though sometimes it does get heated a little, things get resolved over and quickly.

Cubensis: You are currently part of the Boxtorrents Sub group. Care to explain how and why you decided to join in on that project? What roll do you play?
Tatsujin: Well, its all Hanakos fault. I tell you, that man is wicked. At that time back then, I was devastated to join any fansub group and learn something about fansubbing. I think Ive joined the right group in Box Fansubs. I had things to do IRL and gaming (WoW, I quit a while ago and Im not gonna get back in that game). And think about it … BoxTorrents, [BOX] Fansub Group. How awesome that is? BoxTorrents is famous as hell among anime fans! Im glad to be part of it. Yes, we are slow. We dont compete and we look for unfinished projects and old classic anime. Something to bring old memories to people and show them what Classic is all about. Although Im not a classic person to be honest. I like modern anime much more. I had different type of things as a starting member. I used to do TypeSetting and do all these beautiful colors and what not and I did a little timing and editing (and I love editing, Im good with English). Then I asked Hanako to drop off from it, I wanted to either Encode or Translate. I cant Translate, so Encoding would have been my choice but then again .. I never asked him for that. We have enough encoders. I host [BOX] Fansub Community page on my website. I split my website into two firms: BoxTorrents Fansub Community and Otakixus. Otakixus is my personal website, I update it whenever I feel like it. On [BOX] Ive done extensive research to build the damn page. We had a member who left us and he was good with PHP or whatever for WordPress. I was pissed, but whatever. Ive wasted hours and hours .. in building that page and I finished it. Its good, it looks good. Basic HTML and cool design. But well … Im working on a different project to spice that page up and make it more interesting. Hint: Sounds_Online. And that, is that. Oh, and I used to host stuff for them on my old webserver. But well, they didnt like me (my host) so they deleted everything. Assholes. Someone else took care of these things. I think ChiyaChan is doing that now, hosting the stuff on his server. Either way, I do upload stuff for them on Chiyas server. Ive got a monsterous upload speed. Bahaha.

Cubensis: Care to name a few of your favorite animes, and why you love them? 🙂
Tatsujin: I have too many to list in all honesty. Too many, and no Im not joking. I dont have a “top favorite” anime of all time or something like that. Ill try to remember a few … one second. Ill start off with Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Ill tell you one thing, is that Anime will take it ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE, in ANY ENVIOREMENT, DIRECTION and whatever else you can think of. And KgNE was one of the first to actually spin me off my chair and make me cry … damn it! It brings back memories. KgNE had this sort of realism in it, it does have heavy drama scene, some romance and what not.
But really, I could tell you that I have seen that anime, alone, more than 15 times, close to 18 probably from start to finish and I can never get bored of it. Every 3 to 6 months I actually re-watch the whole series again. Ill even bring up Elfen Lied; from extreme gory scenes, fingers getting chopped right in your screen, CHILD abuse as well, drama and romance, mixture of characters and I mean … Everything was like dumped perfectly in that anime! They can never do such a thing on TV for American Dramas. They suck to be honest. And thats why and how Anime separates itself from other shows and movies out there. Its unique, and has no limits. There are no limits in Anime. Another favorite Ive just recently watched is Toradora! Im freaking OBSESSED with that series. Slice of life, lots of it! Tiger and Dragon .. ? What? The main character is an scary looking person, but on the inside hes a good person and likes cleaning, Ryuji .. of course, and Taiga is a messy, bitchy, short-tempered girl who strikes at everything her path. Only Ryuji could stop her. But anyways, the whole anime was interesting from start to finish. My enjoyment level was either at 10/10 or 11/10 per episode. And yes, I am currently re-watching the series again. Im going to watch it in every fansub release thats out there. Thats my goal. Toradora! has slice of life, drama and romance. Its unique, there are hidden feelings in the anime, hidden “real self” to what I would say. When Taiga ran like crazy looking for Ryuji outside her apartment. Seriously? I didnt think of that! The Ski trip, I knew something was going to happen. And it did happen! I was crazed! WOOHOHO TAIGA! You go lady! Shes a strong person. Ryuji having to come to Taigas place on Chritmas Eve when Taiga is all alone with a teddy bear! Well, hes dressed in one. I think that was one of the best scenes I have ever seen in an anime. It just makes you happy, very very happy. Put this in spoiler or people will kill me.

Cubensis: I have not seen it yet! o.o
Tatsujin: To cut it short … series from 2007, mostly from 2008=2009 and beyond that are starting to capture my desires to watch anime. I just have too many, they are all listed on my website under Media.
Tatsujin: Cube! WATCH IT DAMN IT! You gotta watch it >_<
Cubensis: I am! Very soon! o.o Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts with us. One last question for you: Describe the meaning of life in one sentence, using only anime-related words and jargon. GO! 🙂
Tatsujin: Anime, is the kingdom of my heart. Listen .. ~ Doki Doki ~ Its thumbing whenever I watch Anime!

Cubensis: Brilliant!
Tatsujin: Excellent.
Cubensis: Thanks again for the time and insight, Tatsujin. Take care!
Tatsujin: Thank you. You do the same.

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